The Ministry of the Interior neutralized more than 10,000 cyberattacks on essential services in 2021


The National Center for Critical Infrastructures (CNPIC) and the Cybersecurity Coordination Office (OCC), both agencies of the Ministry of the Interior, neutralized more than 10,000 cyberattacks of varying intensity on essential services during 2021.

To carry out the response to these threats, the CNPIC has identified more than 600 critical infrastructures, the set of facilities, networks and technological systems essential to guarantee the functioning of the country.

The damage to these infrastructures would produce a “serious impact on the maintenance of the basic social functions of society”, such as health, security, social and economic well-being of citizens or the effective functioning of State institutions, it has warned. the director of the CNPIC, José Luis Pérez.

For his part, the head of the OCC, Guillermo Pérez, has pointed out that the increase in this type of attack is “constant in recent years”, but has underlined that the “maturity” of the national protection system and the cybersecurity of operators of essential services “allow threats to be neutralized before they can have a real impact”. “Spain is a cybersecure country”, he assured.

The CNPIC was created in 2007 and has since established a complex security community with more than 250 critical operators. In addition, it leads the Critical Infrastructure Protection System, which has drawn up 18 sectoral strategic plans that guarantee the safety of the main management areas.


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