The Minister of Health of Mañueco acknowledges his affinity with García-Gallardo in terms of abortions

The Minister of Health of Castilla y León, Alexander Vazquezrecoils and recognizes that in terms of abortion there are only “small nuances” with respect to the measures announced by the vice president of the community Juan García-Gallardo, to promote the ‘fetal heartbeat’ for pregnant women who want to abort.

While the announcement generated widespread indignation this Thursday afternoon among the feminist sphere and the parties of the Government of Spain and those who support the coalition in Congress, the PP of Genoa plays the mistake and that of Castilla y León forces through of the Minister of Health to support the proposal of those of Vox, also in the regional executive.

The extreme right has become necessary for Manueco to be able to govern at any cost. The issue of abortion is a clear example of this. García-Gallardo, far from being overwhelmed by the commotion generated, assured this Friday that the measures “pro-life” announced were “previously agreed upon” with Vázquez.

This was indicated by García-Gallardo on his social networks, about the decision of the Board of this region to force doctors to make available to pregnant women who want to abort the possibility of listening to the heartbeat of the fetus or obtaining a 4D ultrasound. Some measures from which the Ministry of Health, led by the PP, stood out at first.

Juan García-Gallardo assured that these measures will be applied “immediately”, as “it appears in the press release released this Thursday by the Ministry of Health”. In the press conference after the Governing Council, he explained that these measures are part of the “promoting the birth rate and supporting families”.

On behalf of the PP, the spokesperson for the Campaign Committee, Borja Semperhas indicated this Friday in an interview on Antena 3 that his party is not willing to “swallow with anything”. In his opinion, the policy of promoting birth rates is “perfectly compatible” with a “clear” policy of “respect for women’s freedom.”

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