The M5S abandons Draghi in his motion of confidence and generates a government crisis in Italy

The 5 Star Movement (M5S) has abstained from voting this Thursday in a confidence motion to the Prime Minister of Italy, mario draghi, in the Senate. The M5S is one of the main parties in the government coalition and the abstention of its senators has opened a crisis in the country.

Despite lacking party support, Draghi carried out the motion with 172 votes in favor and 39 against. The vote was related to a decree that establishes aid worth 26,000 million euros to mitigate the effects of inflation. The text had been presented as a motion of confidence to the Government, a technique used in Italy to speed up parliamentary processing since it avoids the imposition of amendments.

The M5S, which has just suffered a harsh split, has maintained harsh tensions with Draghi in recent times. In addition to leaving the Senate in the vote on the decree this Thursday, considering the amount proposed “insufficient”, they had also previously opposed continuing to arm the Ukrainian resistance.

Draghi had advanced that he would not preside over a government without the M5S

The spokeswoman for the M5S in the Senate, Maria Domenica Castelloneannounced that they were not going to vote on the decree because the government had ignored the party leader’s proposals, Giuseppe Conte. “We are not responsible” for the fall of the government, but “those who do not give answers to the country” are, Castellone summed up, assuring that the M5S is the “defender of dignity.”

Draghi had advanced that I would not preside over a government without the M5S, despite still having a parliamentary majority. The rest of his coalition partners, however, ask him to go to Parliament to verify the support and continue to lead the Executive.

The Italian Prime Minister, after the lack of support from the M5S, went to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. The objective of the meeting was to communicate the situation and look for alternatives, which would range from Draghi’s resignation, the reformulation of his government, undergoing a new investiture or even an early election.


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