The Lugansk authorities point to a referendum on joining Russia as soon as the attacks in the area end

MADRID, July 7. (.) –

The ambassador of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (PLR) in Moscow, Rodion Miroshnik, has assured that as soon as hostilities cease in the region, located in eastern Ukraine, the mechanisms will be put in place to carry out a referendum of accession to Russia.

“We will be able to hold a referendum as soon as they stop shooting and our people are safe. We will definitely create the conditions for people to answer the question of how they see their future,” Miroshnik told the Russian agency TASS.

The official celebrated the fact that the RPL militias, with the support of the Russian Army, have achieved almost total control of the region, although he warned that this is not a guarantee of security because “every day there are new victims of bombing”.

That is why Miroshnik has recognized that, with such a “powder keg” in the region, it is “extremely difficult” for Russia to agree to a plebiscite for the union of Lugansk to its territory.

The ambassador has pointed out that Lugansk and Donetsk should celebrate a process of accession to Russia jointly, just as in 2014 they carried out the referendum on Ukraine’s independence in a “synchronous” way.

Finally, Miroshnik has urged the Russian authorities to clarify not only if they want to have Lugansk and Donetsk as part of their territory, but through what process. According to him, it is necessary to determine the conditions under which these regions will adapt, after eight years of war and economic blockade, to “political and socioeconomic realities and Russian legislation.”

“Whether you talk about the fact that the territories will become part of (Russia as) republics or certain autonomies, there are a lot of nuanced issues that you have to focus on,” the ambassador concluded.

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