The loss of Draghi’s parliamentary majority brings Italy closer to early elections

The right-wing parties of the Italian Executive, led by Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini, will not support Mario Draghi’s motion of confidence, while the Five Star Movement (M5S) remains part of the coalition. The prime minister said on Monday that He would continue in his current position if the formations rebuilt the government pact.

The M5S opened a crisis in the Italian government, after it abstained last week from voting on the mentioned confidence motion. Draghi, for this reason, submitted his resignation which, however, was rejected by the head of state, Sergio Mattarella.

Parliament’s votes “are very significant from the political point of view“, Draghi has remarked. Since the legislature began in February 2021, most of the government partners have left. The underlying confidence pact, explains the prime minister, “has failed“.

Draghi, once again, has faced this vote with the intention of rebuilding the coalition. However, neither Berlusconi’s nor Salvini’s party have appeared in the Senate to cast their vote.

Draghi: “The confidence pact that underlies the government’s action has failed”

The only way, if we want to continue together, is to rebuild this pact from the beginning., with courage, altruism and credibility. The Italians ask for it above all “, he declared before the Senate while reviewing the achievements of the 17 months of the Italian Government in his speech that is in the Italian media the Republic.

The reasons offered by the former president of the European Central Bank was the rupture of the “trust pact“by the 5-Star Movement parliamentary group. However, in Europe and the European Union this decision was not liked.

The Spanish Government supports Draghi

The Government of Spain has defended the continuity of Draghi. President Sanchez published an article on Tuesday Political to defend the figure of Draghi. In this publication, published in English, Sánchez indicates that “Europe needs leaders like Draghi” because it had “a key role in defending the euro”. In addition, he explained that “Italy and Spain have led the way, presenting proposals such as the joint purchase of gas or the ceiling on the price of gas” and that the reflections of the Italian Prime Minister “have contributed to achieving good results in a good consensus atmosphere – What is it much needed in these times of crisis“.

Pedro Sánchez: “Europe needs leaders like Draghi”

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain, Nadia Calvinoindicated this morning in TV3 that the Draghi continuity is “very good news“.


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