The list of Arrimadas wins the primaries for the new executive of Ciudadanos

Arrimadas congratulates the winners and asks to “work together” in the face of the May elections, without mentioning his ‘number two’

MADRID, 12 (.)

The candidacy headed by Patricia Guasp and Adrián Vázquez, supported by the current leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has won the primaries for the new executive of the ‘orange’ party with 53.25 percent of the votes. The rival list, that of the ‘orange’ deputy general secretary, Edmundo Bal, has achieved 39.34 percent.

In the vote, which lasted on Wednesday and Thursday until 6:00 p.m., 49.65 percent of the 7,600 affiliates called to exercise their right to vote participated. 7.41 percent have opted for the third list in contention, headed by the base affiliate Marcos Morales.

The winning candidacy, provisionally, becomes the new Executive Committee of the ‘orange’ formation, and will take office during the VI General Assembly to be held this weekend and which will mean the culmination of the refounding process launched for refloat the party after the succession of electoral debacles.

Arrimadas, who will cease to be the leader of Ciudadanos effectively this weekend, appears in a symbolic last position on the list made up of the Guasp-Vázquez duo. Through her account on her Twitter social network, she congratulated the winners and asked to “all work together” for the municipal and regional elections in May. Likewise, and without mentioning her ‘number two’, she has described the refoundation as “exemplary”.

The appointment comes after weeks of tension in Ciudadanos. Bal, accompanied by the Madrid councilor Santiago Saura, decided to take the step to present his candidacy to lead the ‘orange’ party after a clash with Arrimadas over Ciudadanos’ support for the ‘Only yes is yes’ Law and criticism of the re-foundation through .

Negotiations to put together a unity list failed, although the two majority candidacies have made multiple calls for unity in the party to materialize on Monday. In the event, the affiliates will have to endorse other changes proposed within the framework of the re-foundation, such as the new statutes and values ​​or programmatic changes.

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