The latest polls by Gad3, Sigma Dos and Metroscopia predict that PP and Vox will have a majority to govern Castilla y León

The tracking during the last week of Metroscopia and the last polls carried out during the final days of the campaign by Gad3 Y Sigma Two They coincide in their cabals: the Popular Party and Vox would obtain a majority tonight to govern Castilla y León.

According to him tracking Metroscopia (3,300 interviews conducted during the last week of the campaign) the right-wing bloc would add around 44 prosecutors, three more than the 41 necessary. The PSOE would drop to 28 seats and position itself as the second force, Citizens would disappear from the map and United We Can would hover around three seats. The left-wing bloc could not unseat Mañuecobut the PP candidate will depend on Vox to put together his Executive.

In summary, the PP would be the party with the most seats (29) followed by the PSOE (28) and Vox (15). United We Can (3) would grow timidly, according to Metroscopia.

In addition, the provincial candidacies would obtain representation in Soria (Soria Ya, two or three seats), in León (UPL, three attorneys) and in Ávila (For Ávila, one seat).

For its part, the latest Gad3 surveys for ABC, conducted between January 31 and February 12 with 5,500 interviews, also give victory to the right. The PP would obtain between 31 and 33 seats and Vox between 11-13, so in the worst case they would obtain the majority in coalition.

The PSOE would fall from 35 in 2019 to 26-28 and United We Can would be between one and three seats. Citizens would get only one, so it would not disappear. Syria Now! and UPL would scratch three solicitors for each party.

Looking at the Two Sigma survey for The world, the PP would achieve a narrow victory (30-32) and would depend on Vox (10-12) to be able to form a government. The PSOE would remain between 28 and 30 seats and United We Can would be between two and three prosecutors.


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