The labor reform cracks the majority of the investiture

In the negotiations that Yolanda Díaz has led so far in the legislature, it is usual for the vice president not to give excessive importance to the public statements of the different actors that participate in it. The Minister of Labor is aware of the need to transfer certain messages at very specific times and, even, she has confessed on occasion that she encourages her interlocutors to do so, as long as discretion and the development of conversations are respected.

However, what the ERC spokesman did this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Rufián, seems to be far from an outlet or the attempt to convey a certain message to public opinion outside the negotiations on the labor reform .

The Catalan leader has not only raised the tone against the Executive, but has gone from charging exclusively against the norm (which parties such as ERC or EH Bildu consider insufficient) to doing so directly against the second vice president herself, whom he has accused of ” intoxicate” by conveying to public opinion that the investiture block has been counted on in the negotiation of the labor reform, when, he said, they only have “two days” negotiating.

That these parties presented significant resistance to the decree approved by the Council of Ministers is not new. Yes, it is that, as Rufián has advanced, they are considering make a common front against the labor reform that leads the Executive to take out one of its most relevant regulations with the parliamentary right and, specifically, with Citizens.

Even more so when the formation of Inés Arrimadas has opened to validate the rule “if not a single comma is touched”, a condition that the CEOE employers also set in order not to leave the agreement reached by the Government with the social agents at the end of December on this matter.

Faced with this possibility, the BNG deputy, Nestor Rego, already warned in early January that the Bloc maintained contacts with ERC and EH Bildu to form a “common front” against the “disappointing” labor reform. Now, almost three weeks and two weeks after the decree law is examined by Congress, Rufián has appealed to this option after claiming to have been “expelled” from the negotiation for the CEOE to enter.

The truth is that these leftist formations, in addition to other forces from the investiture bloc, such as PNV, More Country or Compromís, share the view that it is necessary to row in the same direction, since the new model of labor relations agreed with the social agents is a “great advance”, but “insufficient”.

In this line, for all these formations, regardless of what the negotiations with the Executive may yield, processing the labor reform as a bill is a priority, since it is what would allow incorporating changes to the measure, such as recover compensation of 45 days for dismissal or safeguard the prevalence of regional agreements over the state ones.

From EH Bildu they trust that this “common front that has been forging for several weeks” together with the sovereignist unions bears fruit in agreements with the Government to “not miss this historic opportunity to put an end to state control, recover the 45-day compensation and increase public control over EREs”. However, to date, the nationalist coalition has opted for not raising the tone against the Minister of Labor for the sake of betting on the dialogue that, although “little”, has not yet moved him from his position on the labor reform.

Más País and Compromís have assured that in their case, far from what other forces have criticized, the dialogue with the department headed by Yolanda Díaz is “good”. However, they urge the Executive to take advantage of the correlation of progressive forces in Congress to improve the norm during its parliamentary process.

“The Government, if it wants to carry out the reform, has to have a majority in Congress and has to say with whom it wants to carry it out. If it carries it out with Cs, it is choosing a course. Hopefully it has the support of the investiture bloc and for that you have to modify the rule“, warned this Wednesday the spokesman for More Country, Íñigo Errejón.

Díaz bets on the investiture block

In the Vice Presidency of Labor they have not wanted to enter to value the words of the ERC spokesman and have remitted to the negotiations. The department led by Díaz is optimistic and assures that there is satisfaction with the last meetings held with the groups of the investiture bloc (now interrupted by the minister’s positive for covid, although the talks continue).

Regarding the “two days” of meetings that Rufián pointed to, the government has always said that the contacts began even before Christmas. As for the “permeability” and “pressure from the environment” to which the ERC spokesman pointed in his statements, until now Labor would have spoken about the labor reform with very specific people from the Catalan party: Rufián himself, the deputy jordi salvador (expert in labor matters) and the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Pere Aragones (with whom the vice president dined a few days ago).

Nor is it understood in the environment of the vice president that Rufián has slipped that Díaz’s objective may be to carry out the reform hand in hand with Ciudadanos. Since the Council of Ministers gave the green light to the decree, the vice president opted to negotiate as a priority with the investiture bloc and even expressly pointed out the incompatibility of the Arrimadas with the norm, given that they defended labor models such as that of the austrian backpack

Beyond the statements of the ERC spokesman in Parliament, in Labor they insist that there is still room for agreement and recall that the negotiations continue.


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