The Kremlin perceives the “expansion” of NATO in Ukraine as “a matter of life and death”

MADRID, Dec 26 (.) –

The spokesman for the Russian Government, Dimitri Peskov, denounced this Sunday the “expansion of NATO to Ukraine” as a “matter of life and death for Russia”, amid the tensions between the two great blocs.

“The expansion of NATO to countries like Ukraine and probably to other countries that were part of the Soviet Union is already a question, well, of life and death for us,” said Peskov in an interview for channel Rossiya 1.

The spokesman denounced that NATO instructors and military teams have begun to arrive in Ukraine, where “several thousand” advisers are already posted. “Little by little NATO is penetrating the territory of Ukraine and then, it will only remain to formalize this process,” Peskov stressed during the interview, collected by the official Sputnik news agency.

“At the same time, no one reproaches Ukraine for preparing an aggression against its own people in Donbas,” he emphasized in relation to the clashes between the Russian Army and the separatist republics of eastern Ukraine.

The authorities of Russia and Ukraine have been raising their political pulse in recent weeks with crossed accusations about an imminent military offensive, in a new upsurge in the tension that has existed since the separatist rebellion began in 2014 in the Donbas and Moscow proclaimed the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

Kiev estimates that there are about 122,000 Russian military personnel positioned about 200 kilometers from the border, to which would be added more than 143,000 at a distance of 400 kilometers. Moscow defends itself and, between notices of new deployments, maintains that it has the right to mobilize before the Ukrainian approach to NATO.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared at a press conference on Thursday that “Ukraine may be preparing for a military operation.”

The Ukrainian government, for its part, has denied the allegations. “The statement of the President of Russia on the alleged preparation of a military operation in the Donbas is false,” said the spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleh Nikolenko, in statements to the Ukrinform agency.

In this sense, Nikolenko has pointed out that the Ukrainian authorities, led by President Volodimir Zelenski, only seek peace and continue to bet on diplomacy to resolve the conflict.

The increase in Russian troops near the Ukrainian border has also generated all kinds of suspicions on the international scene. US President Joe Biden has warned Putin that a hypothetical military intervention will not go unpunished.

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