The King sends his condolences and highlights the “valuable legacy” of Elizabeth II for future generations


King Felipe VI has expressed his condolences for the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, who died this Thursday at the age of 96, stressing that the monarch was “an example for all of us” and that “her sense of duty, her commitment and a lifetime dedicated to the service” of the British will remain “as a solid and valuable legacy for future generations”.

Don Felipe has sent a telegram to the new king, whom he has addressed as “dear Carlos”, and has expressed his sorrow for the “sad news” of the death of his “beloved mother” in addition to conveying both his “dearest condolences” like that of the Government and the Spaniards.

Elizabeth II “has undoubtedly been a witness, has written and has shaped many of the most important chapters in the history of our world in the last seven decades”, she stressed, assuring that “her sense of duty, commitment and a lifetime dedicated serving the people of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland were an example to all of us and will remain a strong and valuable legacy for generations to come.”

“You are in our hearts and thoughts,” Don Felipe, on his behalf and that of Queen Letizia, finished off his telegram, in which he sent the new king of England and the rest of the British royal family all his love. “We will miss her very much,” they assured.

The news of the death of Isabel II has surprised Felipe VI in Seville, where he is going to preside over the institutional act of the V Centenary of the arrival in Seville of the expedition of the first circumnavigation of the world. Right now, the King’s script is already flying at half-staff at the Real Alcázar, where the act is scheduled.


The King and Queen had the opportunity to see the monarch for the last time at the end of March on the occasion of the mass that she organized in London for the first anniversary of the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, which was attended by members of other families. real as well as relatives of this.

A month earlier, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia sent Isabel II a congratulatory message for her 70 years on the throne, in which they wished her “the best for the coming years.”

Don Felipe maintained a close relationship with Elizabeth II, whom he affectionately called “Aunt Lilibeth”, as do the rest of the members of the British royal family and as was made clear in the message of condolences that he and Queen Letifica sent to the sovereign after the death of her husband.

Both royal houses are linked by blood ties. The parents of Felipe VI, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía, are great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria of England, as is Elizabeth II and her husband was.

In the case of Prince Felipe, his ties with Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía were even closer, especially with the latter, of whom he was the second uncle since King George I of Greece was his grandfather and the queen’s great-grandfather. emerita

As regards Juan Carlos I, his grandmother, Queen Victoria Eugenia, was a first cousin of the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh, Alicia of Battenberg.

The King and Queen made a historic state visit to the United Kingdom in July 2017 during which they stayed at Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarch, who offered a dinner in their honor.

In 2019, they returned again in 2019, when Don Felipe was invested as a knight of the Order of the Garter, the oldest in the world along with the Golden Fleece, which Elizabeth II had awarded him on the occasion of his previous visit.

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