The King of Morocco congratulates Carlos III for his proclamation and asks to “promote” bilateral relations

MADRID, Sep. 12 (.) –

The King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, congratulated Charles III on his proclamation as the new King of England after the death of Elizabeth II and advocated “promoting dynamic, exceptional and historic relations” that unite both countries “in various sectors “.

“His Majesty, King Mohamed VI, has sent a congratulatory message to His Majesty King Charles III on the occasion of his accession to the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,” the Moroccan Foreign Ministry said in a statement. statement published through its website.

Thus, he has revealed that in his message, the Moroccan monarch has transferred to Carlos III his “warm congratulations” and his “wishes for a successful reign, good health and happiness”, while applauding the “relations of friendship and cooperation” between both countries.

“These ties have not stopped developing thanks to mutual trust and the continuous will to expand them in the interest of the two peoples,” he said. “His Majesty of him the king is also pleased by the close relations and mutual esteem that unites the two sovereigns and the two royal families,” the Moroccan Foreign Ministry has settled.

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