The Justice of Peru prohibits former Prime Minister Aníbal Torres from leaving the country

MADRID, Dec. 30 (.) –

The Judiciary of Peru has imposed this Thursday a ban on leaving the country for 18 months on former Prime Minister Aníbal Torres, all while being investigated for the commission of a crime of rebellion and conspiracy.

The Permanent Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court has imposed an 18-month ban on leaving the country for one of the prime ministers during the administration of former President Pedro Castillo, as well as his right-hand man, reported ‘La República’.

Likewise, Torres will not be able to leave the city of Lima or the province of Callao –an administrative division of Peru’s special regime and located within the capital– without permission from a supreme judge.

The Peruvian Police will also carry out routine home controls on the third Friday of each month, as detailed by the aforementioned media.

The decision takes place after the deteriorated state of health of the former prime minister was recorded in the resolution, alleging that his ability to travel “is subject to an adequate regime of medical control and his health in general, which, from then, it would be affected in clandestine conditions”.

“It is not a matter of a certain state of health being able to be treated in a penal establishment, but rather that such a situation decreases the risk of flight, even more so in an elderly person,” the text specifies.

However, the Judiciary of Peru has ratified the 18-month preventive detention ordered against former President Pedro Castillo while he is investigated for the commission of crimes of rebellion, conspiracy, abuse of authority and disturbance of public tranquility.

“The appeal filed by the investigated José Pedro Castillo Terrones is declared unfounded and founded, in part, the appeal filed by the Supreme Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office,” reads the resolution.

Thus, Castillo will serve 18 months in pretrial detention despite his legal team’s attempt to release him on probation.

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