The judge summons Feijóo after a lawsuit by 13 members of the Salamanca PP congress that Mañueco has blocked

Alberto Núñez Feijoo, president of the PP, will have to appear in court number 5 of Salamanca next January 20 in quality as legal representative of the conservative formation, to clarify why his party has not convened the provincial congress of Salamanca in almost two years.

It is precisely in the Salamanca PP that the epicenter of the so-called primary case, the alleged illegal financing of the Salamanca party in the framework of the 2017 primaries which was won by Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, president of the Junta de Castilla y León.

A group of affiliates of the PP of Salamanca, among which there are mayors and councilorshas presented a demandwhich has been admitted for processing, in which it requests the convocation of the provincial congress of the PP of Salamancawhich should have already been held and which accumulates a delay of more than a year, and before which the judge has set a hearing for January 20.

This has been advanced by Cadena Ser in an information in which it has pointed out that on that same day the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, is summoned as “legal representative of the party” due to the absence until the moment of the convocation of the congress.

The lawsuit denounces the alleged violation of the rights of political participation and passive suffrageaccording to the information advanced this Friday by Cadena Ser about a court decision to which EFE has had access.

The lawyer who represents them, Enrique Herrerahas detailed that this lawsuit was filed two days after another court in Salamanca filed the complaint filed by this same group of affiliates, but that it was signed by a person who changed lawyers and reached an agreement with the PP to withdraw the lawsuit against beginning of December.

This other cause are listed as investigated the former provincial president Javier Iglesiasthe provincial manager and the PP itself as a legal entity, for the payment of arrears of affiliates to participate in the primaries that turned Alfonso Fernandez Manuecocurrent regional president, president of the PP-CyL.

In their lawsuit, the affiliates denounce that the lack of a provincial congress is “flagrant breach” of the PP of its own statutesat the same time that they report the lack of response given by the party at the provincial, regional and national level, to whose Rights and Guarantees Committees they appealed without success.

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