The judge investigates the former leader of Vox Cristina Seguí for broadcasting a video of two minors being raped

The Investigating Court number 6 of Valencia investigates the former leader of Vox Cristina Seguí for the publication of a video about the two minors who denounced a group rape in the Valencian town of Burjassot.

That event, of that two girls were victims, occurred on May 16 and for that reason a seven minors between 15 and 17 years old and a young man of 18 for his alleged relationship with the sexual assaultsalthough all of them were released under supervision.

That same May, the hate crime section of the Prosecutor’s Office, led by the prosecutor Susana Gisbert, initiated the criminal investigation proceedings against Seguí for this matter.

The criminal investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office was added to the complaint from the Facua consumer association before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) for the dissemination of the video on both his Twitter and Telegram accounts, where it was possible identify minors.

The video shows the two minors and another girl friend of both, also a minor, in a live stream on Instagram that was recorded by the environment of the alleged rapists and spread. In that recording, the minors commented that their case had been shown on television, that they probably would have A judgment and that one of them would surely be called as a witness.

digital certificates

Facua reported this Friday that it contributed to the Prosecutor’s Office digital certificates of the messages published by the accused on Twitter and Telegram.

The Valencia Prosecutor’s Office considers that the facts could constitute a crime against privacy Y another of hate

According to Facua, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) required Seguí to delete the messagess in which he had inserted the video, where the name of one of the minors and the first surname of another was mentioned, the username on Instagram of one of the victims and, for a moment, could be seen the faces of two of the girls who were talking.

“Although the defendant deleted several of the messages, she re-published another version of the video, this time with the ipixelated imageswhich in any case did not prevent the minors from being recognized by the rest of the personal information that appeared in it,” says the consumer organization.

It is not the first time that I followed processed. Last month she was sentenced for a crime of insults to pay 6,000 euros for damages to the honor of the former minister and former PSOE Organization Secretary José Luis Ábalos. In 2019, United We Can also denounced her for broadcasting audios of another raped minor.

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