The judge extends the case on the alleged orders from BBVA to Villarejo for six months

The judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón has decided to extend for six months, until next July 29, the investigation of the cause for the supposed assignments of BBVA the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo.

In a known order this Friday, the head of the central court of Instruction number 6 recalls that several tests are pending, including six testimonials, therefore, taking into account its volume and importance, and the possibility that new proceedings may arise, it agrees to extend the term of investigation of this piece, number 9.

There are also the statements of eight investigated that, at the time, they took advantage of their right not to testify, and now they have requested to do so voluntarily, including the group leader of the BBVA Security team, Nazario Campo; the former director of the Commercial Banking network Ignacio Pérez Caballero, and the former head of the regulation and internal control area Eduardo Arbizu. At the end of December, the bank submitted a document in which it opposed the extension, considering that the instruction “is exhausted.”

The Trap operation, the first contracted project of the at least eight that are investigated in the ninth separate piece of the Villarejo case, revolves around a round financial operation for the then president of the bank and shareholders of Sacyr that the bank commissioned the former commissioner in 2004, coinciding with the accumulation by Sacyr options on BBVA shares and the efforts of Francisco González to consolidate himself as president of the financial institution.

In mid-2019, the judge agreed to charge both BBVA and Francisco González in a case in which other former directors of the bank were listed as being investigated, such as the former head of Security Julio Corrochano, or the former CEO Ángel Cano.

Extensions of other pieces

Unlike the case known as the Dina Bousselham case, which the judge considered settled this week, García Castellón has also agreed to extend part number 4, relating to pit project, which would have been entrusted by the shipping brothers Pérez-Maura to the retired commissioner with the aim of avoiding the extradition of one of them, Ángel, to Guatemala.

The judge will continue with these investigations for another six months and will do the same with regard to the piece number 27, where it is investigated whether Villarejo blackmailed the person in charge of the detective company Method 3.

Carpetazo to pieces 25 and 26

In addition to the one related to the alleged theft of the mobile card of the former Podemos adviser Dina Bousselham (piece 10), the judge has agreed end the piece 25, on an alleged commission from the former president of Persán Jose Moya to Villarejo to spy on the former owner of the construction company Martín-Fadesa, a matter in which former PSOE senator Francisco Rodríguez Martín would also be involved.

He does the same with piece 26, relating to a alleged espionage of Villarejo to the extinct company Segur Ibérica, in which, however, he does agree to some investigative diligence.

Among them is the statement as a witness of former Information Commissioner Enrique Barón at the request of Inspector Constancio Riaño, who is being tried these days along with Villarejo for three other alleged espionage orders.


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