The Israeli Army kills nine Palestinians in the bloodiest raid in the last twenty years

The occupied west bank He lived this Thursday one of his deadliest days. The army of Israel has killed nine Palestinians during a raid on a refugee camp in Jenin. The attack It has ended as the bloodiest of the last two decades. The Arab League has called the raid a “horrible massacre” which, for the moment, leaves 20 people injured, four of them in critical condition.

The military operation took place in broad daylight and lasted over three hours. The israeli soldiers maintain that the attack on the camp, the focus of the armed resistance of Palestine, was intended to “apprehend” a terrorist cell of Islamic Jihad. The maneuver has unleashed a wave of violence and hard confrontations between the two sides.

The Ministry of Health Palestinian has confirmed the official number of fatalities and has ensured that “the majority of injuries recorded by hospitals were to the head and chest, which means that the shots were intended to kill“. The medical services have denounced that the Israeli troops obstructed the access of ambulances and attacked a pediatric center.

The Palestinian National Authority He has ordered the suspension of “security coordination” with Israel, while the tension continues to escalate. Among the deceased, a 60 year old woman and a group of young militiamen. The Palestinian leadership has declared three days of official mourningThey have called demonstrations and have shown their support for the victims.

The protests have spread to other cities in the occupied west bankwho have taken to the streets to condemn what happened in Jenin. For its part, the Israeli government has assured that its ranks “are prepared to act in any scenario” with the mission of “safeguard security“of its inhabitants.

Netanyahu mobilizes his soldiers

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahuhas asked the national Army to be prepared for rapid action “on the various fronts”, after the latest movements perpetrated in Palestine. The president, who presides over the most far-right Executive in the country’s history, has expressed his “thankfulness for the courage and ingenuity of the combatants“and keeps his troops on their toes.

Warnings from Gaza

Islamist groups Hamas Y Islamic Jihad have responded with a warning of “quick retaliation” for attacks by Israel. In recent months, armed attacks on Palestinian soil have been almost daily. Israeli forces fear now a counterattack with projectiles as part of that revenge.

The UN, alarmed

The special coordinator of the UN for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland, has shared his concern through a statement. “I am deeply alarmed and saddened by the continuous cycle of violence in the occupied West Bank,” said the agency’s representative. Wennesland has asked the authorities of both territories “avoid further conflictand reduce tension.

The United States calls for “calm”

From the Government of USA have called for “calm” after the death of nine Palestinians at the hands of the israeli army. Barbara Leaf, in charge of issues affecting the Middle East within the Executive, has asked “a de-escalation” and has shown his “concern”. Likewise, he has described as “quite regrettable” the existence of civilians among the victims of the jenin raid.

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