The Iranian Justice summons five actresses to ask for explanations for their support for the protests

MADRID, Nov. 20 (.) –

The Iranian Judiciary has summoned five actresses and other personalities from the public life of the country to ask them for explanations for their support for the protests against the death in custody of the young Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini after being arrested for allegedly wearing the veil poorly. .

The actresses have been identified by the official agency of the Iranian Judiciary, Mizan, as Elnaz Shakerdost, Mitra Hayar, Baran Kaushari, Sima Tirranzah and Hengeme Ghaziani, all of whom were cited for posting unspecified “provocative content”.

As of this Sunday, the pages of Golmohammadi and Kosari were no longer available on Instagram.

Likewise, the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office has also called the coach of the Persepolis FC football club Yahya Golmohammadi and former reformist deputies Mahmud Sadeghi and Parvaneh Salahshouri to testify, according to information from Mizan.

At least 342 people have died, including at least 43 minors and 26 women, during the wave of repression by the authorities against protesters over the death of Amini, according to the latest balance this week by the NGO Iran Human Rights.

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