The Iranian dictatorship tries to appease the wave of protests and assures that it has dissolved the Morale Police

After several months of protests brutally repressed by the regime With thousands of arrests and at least 400 deaths, the dictatorship of the Iranian ayatollahs is showing the first signs of weakness and is trying to launch messages that defuse the enormous popular discontent.

The last one has been alleged dissolution of the Moral Policethe repressive body that since the Islamic revolution of 1979 has been in charge of ensuring compliance with the rules of behavior imposed by the totalitarian regime.

This Moral Police was in the eye of the hurricane of the protests, since in one of its police stations the young Mahsa Amini was assassinated on September 16, which has been the trigger for the protests. Now, according to the prosecutor generates, Mohamad Jafar Montazeri“has been dismantled by the very people who created it,” he announced at an event in the city of Qom, considered sacred by Shiites.

The prosecutor himself has linked this dismantling with the wave of protests, assuring that it is “a prudent solution to this problem.”

Changes in the law on the headscarf?

Montazeri has also announced that the Iranian parliament and the country’s own president, Ebrahim RaissiThey are working on a “modification” of the veil law that it forces all women to cover their hair in public, and that it is one of the greatest symbols – and one of the most effective tools – of the oppression against the female population of the country.

At the moment, the attorney general has not advanced in what direction this modification could go, and has limited himself to saying that it will be announced “in the next fifteen days”.

It remains to be seen, of course, if these are real measures and these changes are really going to take place or if we are facing a smoke screen from the dictatorship to try to deactivate some protests, but in any case these are unprecedented announcements which give an idea of ​​the situation of weakness to which the popular uprising is leading the regime.

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