The investigation continues for Colombians found dead in a hotel in Spain

On a bed and lying on the floor The bodies of two Colombians were found in room 705 of a renowned hotel in Valencia, Spain.

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According to the first reports delivered by the authorities, The discovery occurred after neither of the two guests left the room within 48 minutes.nor did they answer calls from the establishment’s staff.

It was then that a Homicide group from the Police of said country entered the room and found the bodies of a 54-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man dead.

According to international media, The young man would have a cognitive disability and it is still being investigated whether his mother, the woman who accompanied him, also suffered from a mental disorder.

Hotel in Valencia, Spain, where two dead Colombians were found

In addition, An examining magistrate from that city in Spain is on the trail of a “powerful poison” that it would have been found in the room of the two Colombians and that it had been dissolved in a bottle of water and yogurt.

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Some hypotheses indicate that the woman would have attempted the life of her son, after considering herself his only caretaker and pressured by the fear that something would happen to both of them.

Spanish media indicate that the woman would have given the substance to the young man, and that she would have later ingested it to also end his life.

According to the authorities’ accounts, Both people were next to the bed with the clothes they had brought into the hotel: It seems that his death occurred minutes after registering at the reception.

In addition, Researchers have indicated in Spanish prey that it was a white substance that they carried in a plastic bag and that would have been dissolved in liquids to have a sudden death.

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The corpses were transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valencia where a team of forensic doctors work on autopsies.

On the other hand, Relatives or relatives of the victims are expected to report to the Spanish authorities to advance the repatriation process of both bodies.


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