The investigation commission on ‘Kitchen’ does not believe Fernández Díaz, who once again denies his involvement

The former Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernandez Diaz (December 2011-November 2016) has started this Thursday his appearance in the commission of investigation that is being followed in Congress on the operation ‘Kitchen’ saying “I do not have anything to hide”. The former minister is accused in the case, being the political head of the Government of Rajoy that he will sit on the bench for the illegal espionage of the ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas with public funds to steal evidence of the party’s financing.

The first question, formulated by the PSOE spokesman, about the Catalonia operation has subsequently taken over a large part of the session. They have asked him about the recording that was made in his office, in the ministry, in October 2014 on the occasion of his interview with Daniel de Alfonso, head of the Catalunya Antifrau Office, which uncovered the so-called ‘Operation Catalonia’. Fernández Díaz has answered that The meeting was recorded at the request of Eugenio Pino, then Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) of the Police.

He added that the recording was not made with “malicious intent but simply to have the recording and avoid me having to give explanations later, it was sent to Internal Affairs and I did not know more until two years later when it was leaked.” The curator Enrique García Castaño, former head of the Central Unit for Operational Support (UCAO), revealed in this commission that it was he, together with a technician, who placed a miniature recorder under the table of the minister’s office, obeying orders from the DAO.

In April 2017, during the inquiry commission on ‘Gürtel’ in Congress, Fernández Díaz did not reveal this fact when asked about that recording, “because I was not sure of what Mr. Pino told me as I was later. I included it in a book in 2018,” he said.

At the time he held the meeting with De Alfonso “I was not aware that he was being recorded, because I did not remember,” he has indicated and has said that he later told Daniel de Alfonso that their conversation had been recorded. As can be seen from that conversation, about which the former minister says that she was manipulated “with the intention of harming me” and that Public broadcast exclusively, is that both talked about how to make scandals against ERC and CDC on the eve of the sovereign consultation of 9-N. “I did not report it because I have no evidence,” said Fernández Díaz in relation to the alleged falsification of that conversation.

Fernández Díaz insisted in that meeting, in October 2014, in seeking something incriminating against the brother of Oriol Junqueras in one of his conversations with Daniel de Alfonso. He also referred to how to obtain data to discredit or even accuse leaders of the two great Catalan sovereignist parties of prevarication.

From Cotino to Francisco Martínez

“I was not aware of the operation ‘Kitchen’, never – has indicated -. If that operation was carried out, it was done without my knowledge. “ Regarding Commissioner Villarejo, he said that “thank God, in five years I only had two words with him” and he added: “You will not hear a conversation of mine with Villarejo; It is a lie that he has dispatched with me. ”

Regarding Francisco Martínez, former Secretary of State for Security, of which Fernández Díaz has stated that he has been disappointed, has given him the reason in a question: “When Francisco Martínez says that the first time he came into contact with Villarejo it was at my direction, it is true.” Fernández Díaz explained that it was Juan Cotino, died of covid, who had been the previous director general of the Police, “the first person who spoke to me about Commissioner Villarejo. He told me that there was a Commissioner in the Interior who had provided important and sensitive services in the fight against terrorism and it is convenient that he do so. know “. The former minister has indicated that he entrusted Francisco Martínez to greet him.

About Soraya Saénz de Santamaría does not speak

The Vox spokesman in the commission has asked him his opinion on whether he believes that Villarejo could have a channel of information in the CNI directed by Soraya Saénz de Santamaría, just when the Prosecutor’s Office “approves some audios presented by Villarejo and that prove that relationship,” said deputy José María Figaredo. “I prefer not to comment on that. I don’t want to attack anyone, I’m defending myself, I shouldn’t go any further “, said the former minister.

The Citizen spokesperson, Edmundo Bal, has reminded him that Judge García-Castellón, head of the Central Court of Instruction 6 of the National Court, considers that the Minister of the Interior should know the operation ‘Kitchen’ “for that reason he has been prosecuted.” “It seems impossible to me that he did not know about this operation,” Bal snapped. “That opinion of the judge I have appealed not only I, but all the parts”, has answered the ex-minister and has maintained a brief scuffle with Edmundo Bal: “I thought he was a more solvent person “, has concluded the former minister.

Fernández Díaz has grown angry as questions were asked and has also angered parliamentary spokesmen to some extent. Several have informed him that they do not believe that he did not know anything about ‘Kitchen’.

The EH-Bildu spokesperson has asked him if Rajoy ever asked him to intercede for Villarejo before the DAO. “I do not remember”. Jon Iñarritu has alluded to the fact that both Eugenio Pino, the former DAO, as well as the Secretary of State for Security and two Police Commissioners place Fernández Díaz at the apex of the ‘Kitchen’ operation. “Understand that it seems strange to us that you did not know anything,” said the deputy. “There was interest that I did not know,” the former politician answered mysteriously.


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