The Ibex remains above 9,500 despite a fall of 0.16% in the mid-session

MADRID, September 22 (-) –

The Ibex 35 remained above the level of 9,500 points towards the mid-session, standing at 9,533.9 points, which implies a decrease of 0.16% compared to Thursday’s close.

The selective thus recovered part of the ground lost early in the morning, after having recorded a decrease of 0.7% at the opening.

Investors thus continue to digest the decision of the United States Federal Reserve to keep interest rates unchanged, the same decision adopted a day later by the Bank of England.

This Friday, the INE published that the gross domestic product (GDP) grew 0.5% in the second quarter, one tenth more than expected, due to the boost in consumption.

For its part, the activity of companies in the euro zone remained stable in the month of September, registering a reading of 47.1 points, compared to 46.7 points, according to the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI). advance that S&P Global published this Friday. In addition, companies recorded the largest drop in new orders in three years.

In this context, CaixaBank was positioned as the main bullish value, with an advance of 1.34% in the mid-session. They were followed by Solaria (+0.94%), Fluidra (+0.64%), Acciona (+0.48%) and Iberdrola (+0.45%).

On the opposite side were Merlin (-1.18%), Indra (-1.14%), Sacyr (-0.97%), Telefónica (-0.96%), Colonial (-0.91%) and Aena (-0.85%).

Regarding the rest of the large European markets, only London was trading in ‘green’, rising 0.57% in the mid-session. Paris fell 0.38; Frankfurt, 0.09%; and Milan, 0.28%.

In the raw materials market, a barrel of Brent rose 0.83%, to $94.07, while West Texas Intermediate (WTI) reached $90.55, up 1.02%.

In the debt markets, the yield on the Spanish bond with a 10-year maturity stood at 3.796% in the mid-session, in line with the 3.797% recorded at the close of Thursday. In this way, the risk premium against German debt was 105.6 basis points, four tenths less.

For its part, the euro depreciated 0.16% against the dollar, until it was trading at an exchange rate in the markets of 1.0643 ‘greenbacks’ for each euro.

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