‘The Guardian’ goes with Sánchez: “Europe needs its bet to pay off”

the british newspaper Guardian, one of the most progressive in the United Kingdom, published this past Thursday an editorial on the upcoming general elections in Spain. The headline of the text is already eloquent enough: “Europe needs Sánchez’s bet to pay off”.

The British newspaper claims that Pedro Sánchez “has a reputation for taking risks correctly” and is clearly committed to the President of the Government. “This month of July, progressives both inside and outside of Spain they must hope that the gaming instincts of the Prime Minister will bear fruit again“, it states Guardianwhich also describes the electoral advance as “brave”.

The publisher of Guardian reviews the main milestones of the Sánchez government while warns of the risks of an alliance between PP and Vox. About this more than possible coalition in the bloc of the right and the ultra-right, the British newspaper points out that “Feijóo proclaims moderation, but so far he has not ruled out post-electoral pacts with Vox”.

Guardian emphasizes above all that the Sanchez Executive “has a positive economic history” and that it has overcome the energy crisis and inflation better than other European countries. The English newspaper acknowledges, however, that “relying on the parliamentary support of a hard-line Basque nationalist party with historical links to the terrorist group ETA [en referencia a Bildu] It’s been deeply unpopular.”

Despite this, Guardian understands that it is Vox that focuses all the interest and that Sánchez does well to warn of the risks of the extreme right. “Following the unexpectedly serious defeats last weekend in Spain, Sánchez has told voters to ‘be careful what you wish for’. That was a bet. It is in the interest of Europe that it is worthwhile”, concludes Guardian.

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