The green party of United We Can proposes to reduce speed and less light in streets to save more energy

They consider that the Government’s energy plan falls “short” and advises going beyond what is regulated in the decree

MADRID, Aug. 9 (.) –

Alianza Verde, the environmentalist party of United We Can, considers that the measures of the Government’s energy plan are a “step forward”, but they fall “short” compared to those that other surrounding countries have implemented. For this reason, they have presented a battery of additional proposals, among which the reduction of lighting in less traveled streets and on highways, as well as lowering the speed limit on highways, stand out.

Specifically, the green party has launched several specific measures to save energy consumption, such as limiting the level of lighting in less traveled streets and, above all, on highways. They ask to go beyond what the Executive decree includes in this regard and that, in addition, is one of the points that has generated the most criticism from the Popular Party.

They have also proposed establishing the obligation to carry out energy audits and energy saving plans in companies, administrations and large buildings.


On the other hand, some of the measures to save energy in transport that have been proposed are the reduction of the speed limit on motorways to 110 km/h and 80 km/h on high-capacity roads in metropolitan areas. In addition, compared to road transport, they propose “promoting the train” by improving both frequencies and services and limiting prices.

Regarding rail transport, they have also pointed to the recovery of connection lines that have been closed, in order to promote the transfer of passengers from the car to the railway. And, in this sense, they have also suggested that short peninsular flights be reduced.

Of a structural nature, they have again requested the creation of a public energy company as a tool to promote, from the State, these structural measures and accelerate the energy transition and reduce energy dependence on fossil fuels, mainly gas.


From Alianza Verde they believe that Spain is facing an “opportunity to be more courageous and deepen a set of reforms” in the face of the Popular Party’s rejection. In addition, he has charged against the “denier extreme right and the retardist right” that are “demonstrating their lack of commitment to the country in an opportunistic attitude.”

In this sense, they have criticized that “it was the president of the Popular Party himself who, weeks ago, publicly requested savings and efficiency plans that are included in the recently approved plan.”

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