The Government will reopen the Spanish embassy in kyiv

Spain will reopen its embassy in kyiv “in the next few days” after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian capital. This was announced this Monday by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during an interview on the program Espejo Público.

“In a few days we are going to reopen the Spanish embassy in kyiv, as a sign of Spanish society’s commitment to the Ukrainian people“, the leader of the Executive has advanced. During this interview, Sánchez has referred to issues such as economic forecasts for the coming months, inflation, pensions, the negotiation with the European Union so that Spain and Portugal can limit the price of gas or the future of the legislature.

The president has assured that in the Government they hope that the historical increase in prices will be a “cyclical and not structural” situation, and that, therefore, inflation will be maintained throughout 2022 and will drop in 2023.

Asked if the pensions will maintain their revaluation linked to the CPISánchez has recalled that it is not a matter of “political will”, but that this formula for updating public pensions “is guaranteed by law” and that, therefore, it will continue to be so regardless of the evolution of prices .

The leader of the Executive has once again rejected the possibility of an early election taking place and has guaranteed that the elections at the state level will be held “in a timely manner”, in December 2023. Sánchez has also pointed to the need to recover “stable legislatures of four years”, General State Budgets “every year” and the Debate on the state of the nationwhich could be held, he pointed out, between May and June.

Sánchez explained that governability passes, in his opinion, through the formation of coalitions between various parties, as happens both in the state Executive and in the regional governments. In his opinion “there are two possibilities” to form majorities: “Either the PSOE governs with the space of Yolanda Díaz or the PP governs with Vox. We are going to go to that formula with coalition governments, as in the rest of Europe”, has saying.

The PSOE with Yolanda Díaz, or the PP with Vox

The president has made those of Alberto Nunez Feijoo his insistence on the proposal to undertake a general tax cut, an initiative that, he explained, “hides cuts”. “Lowering taxes is not a country project; a generalized tax reduction is not credible and nobody in Europe is doing it.”

Sánchez has recalled the case of masks in the City Council and in the Community of Madrid: “After what we are seeing both in the City Council and in the Community regarding masks, I cannot resist saying that the most expensive tax is the of corruption”, he concluded.


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