The Government studies what anti-crisis measures it maintains

The Minister for Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, stated on Monday that The Executive continues to analyze the measures that will be included in the extension of the economic response plan to the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, without clarifying the maintenance of the aid of 20 cents for fuel.

Asked at the press conference after the Council of Ministers, Rodríguez asked for “tranquility” and assured that the Government “will continue working to cushion the impact of inflation among families, highlighting the data for the month of November, in which Spain ranks as the euro area economy with the lowest year-on-year CPI.

“Even those who have voted against it know that the measures that the Government has adopted to reduce inflation have been useful and extremely positive. I cannot specify the measures but I guarantee a shield of social protection for families,” said the minister spokesperson. .

In this sense, he recalled that the decree is in force until December 31 and the measures will be reported in due time. “The government has not failed so far and we take charge of the situation, giving the response that the country needs,” said Rodríguez.

The First Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, advanced this Monday in Brussels that the Government will limit certain measures to contain inflation, such as aid for fuel, to move from an initial phase of generalized shock towards a more specific one aimed at the most vulnerable sectors.

“Obviously, our objective is, in the first phase, to implement shock and broad-spectrum measures with a generalized impact and, little by little, try to focus on the most affected and vulnerable sectors,” Calviño explained before participating in the meeting of the economy and finance ministers of the eurozone, the Eurogroup.

According to the minister, the containment of inflation, energy efficiency and the reduction of energy consumption in the economy as a whole, will continue to guide the Government’s economic policy in 2023, which in her opinion is “proving to be the adequate and necessary” because “it has avoided the most negative scenarios.

effective measures

In Spain, he highlighted, the measures have proven to be “very effective” in order to contain inflation, as can be seen in the moderation path that began from the peak in July, although the next step will be to evaluate them to see which ones are extended from December 31 and which ones must end or be limited to those groups that are particularly affected.

At the moment, the only measure that has been decided to extend is that of free public transport, a “star” measure because it benefits the population as a whole, especially the middle classes, and because it involves a very efficient use of public resources, as well as help contain inflation.
Despite the changes that the aid may undergo, Calviño pointed out that next year he will follow the same reformist path, of fiscal responsibility, reduction of the deficit and debt to GDP ratios, compatibility between economic growth, at the same time that the EU-funded investments and war response measures.

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