The Government responds to Feijóo’s attacks: “When there is no project, one kicks and trips”

The Government has responded on Tuesday to the latest statements by the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, which assured that Pedro Sánchez’s was an Executive “intervened” by the Catalan sovereign parties with a “captive president of his own free will.” The person in charge of answering the opposition leader was the minister spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

In Rodríguez’s opinion, the attacks by the president of the PP are the result of the fact that the conservatives are witnessing an economic situation that is far from his catastrophic discourse and of a management of social policies by the Government that opposes the “absence” of a country project that, in the opinion of the spokesperson, the popular suffer.

“Feijóo has a very difficult time explaining to the 10 million pensioners that they now have 100 euros more in their accounts than a year ago. When you have no alternative to that project, you have to kick; when there is no project or leadership, you kick and put tripping”, Rodríguez has defended.

The minister has exhibited a list of social protection measures approved by the Government who received the opposite vote of the PP in Parliament. “The PP of Casado and Feijóo has voted against the increase in pensions; against a labor reform supported by unions and businessmen; against free public transport; against the drop in VAT on the electricity bill and against the taxes on extraordinary income from energy companies and financial entities”, he recalled.

For all these reasons, the government spokesperson has concluded that “the PP has not been on the side of the Spanish in all these years of difficulties.” Rodríguez has listed this list of votes against the conservatives to measures of a social nature when asked about the demands that Feijóo has put on the table of the Executive so that her party supports the recently approved anti-crisis decree in Congress.

The conservative leader has asked, specifically, to lower VAT on meat, fish and preserves in exchange for his ‘yes’ to the battery of measures of the decree (which already contains the lowering of this tribute in various foods on a temporary basis). The also Minister of Territorial Policy has expressed her doubts about the intentions of the Galician leader and has described her requests as an “excuse” for not supporting the decree.

“What Feijóo is looking for is one more excuse, and it would not be spring time. There are decisions in life, as in politics, that They must not be subject to excuses or conditions“, insisted the minister spokesperson.

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