The Government, open to leaving Twitter if it stops offering “security” and “certainties” about veracity

The Government contemplates the possibility of abandoning Twitter as a communication channel if it stops offer “security” and “certainties” about the veracity of the information on the platform. This was announced this Friday by the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvino.

“We will continue using Twitter, but, eventually, if they do not provide or do not maintain the necessary certainty and security about the information on the platform, there are many platforms that can be taken into account,” Calviño said in an appearance with the executive vice president of the European Commission, Margaret Vestager.

The president of the European Commission has also shown her concern about the controversies surrounding the social network since its purchase by billionaire Elon Musk materialized. In her opinion, this is a “very complex” issue and she has indicated that the Commission will continue to use Twitter as usual for the time being. In addition, she has pointed out that Europe is open to “doing business” with the whole world, As long as you abide by their rules.

After the acquisition of the technology by Musk, a wave of layoffs and resignations of its workers has put its management of the platform in the spotlight. In addition, the attempt to launch Twitter Blue, the billionaire’s plan for verified payment accounts, did not come to fruition. After the appearance of hundreds of accounts that impersonated companies, the possibility of installing the check blue disappeared.

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