The Government, on the PP’s proposal to renew the CGPJ: “Before speaking, we must comply with the Constitution”

The Government does not plan to withdraw its judicial reform that is taking this week to the Congress of Deputies. This is what Moncloa sources indicate this Tuesday, a few minutes after learning of a new proposal from the Popular Party (PP) on the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). “Compliance with the Magna Carta admits no excuses or conditions,” they point out from the Executive.

The Minister spokesperson for the Government, Elizabeth Rodriguez, has been asked about the pact proposal launched this Monday from Génova Street. The spokeswoman has admitted knowing the intentions of the popular almost at the same time as the question of the journalists in the usual press conference after the Council of Ministers.

But it has been clear: “I also convey a very clear message to Genoa, the PP and Alberto Nunez Feijoo. The Spanish Constitution is not negotiable, the only thing the Government asks of the PP is that the Constitution be complied with. Before you start talking, what you have to do is comply,” he said.

The Government’s intentions are to unblock the renewal of the Constitutional Court (TC). The PSOE registered a few days ago a Law Proposal that would allow it to appoint the new magistrates despite the fact that the CGPJ is in office. This implies not having to wait to reach an agreement with the popular to renew the highest body of judges, whose mandate has expired for more than three years.

The socialist parliamentary group therefore registered an Organic Law Proposal to amend article 570 bis of Organic Law 6/1985, of July 1, on the Judiciary. Being processed urgently, it will be debated and ratified this week in the lower house. Last June 12 the mandate of four magistrates of the TC expired, two of which must be appointed by the CGPJ and another two by the Government.


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