The Government of Brazil affirms that there were serious failures in the security system during the attempted coup d’état

The coup attempt on January 8 in Brasilia (Brazil) by extreme right-wing groups and Bolsonaristas could have been a “conspiracy”, not easy to prove, as he has stated Ricardo Capelliexecutive secretary of Ministry of Justiceafter presenting this Friday at a press conference a report that analyzes the events that occurred against the State institutions of this Latin American country.

Cappelli explains that what happened was the result of a “chain of coincidences” that include Serious flaws in the security plan: “In the best of hypotheses, direction and responsibility were lacking. But the set of coincidences can configure something much more serious,” he said at the press conference.

The executive secretary also stressed that these anti-democratic attacks have “escalated” since the victory of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on October 30, which culminated in the attempted coup.

Planned measures that were not taken

Anderson Torres He was Minister of Justice during the Government of Jair Bolsonaro, and after that he became Secretary of Security of Brasilia, occupying that position while the coup attempt was taking place. Torres has been under arrest since January 14.

The report, which was delivered to the Supreme Court, points to Torres as responsible. Cappelli affirmed that the former secretary “generated instability” in the security bodies of Brasilia because, as soon as he took office on January 1, he fired several commanders and allowed others to go on vacation.

The ex-secretary himself traveled to USA before the attacks, although he was officially going on vacation on January 9. Two days before the attacks, Torres received a report of intelligence that exposed the existence of “a concrete threat” and anticipated the plans of the Bolsonaristas to invade the headquarters of the three powers, but no plan was put in place special security.

According to the documents of the Security bodies, it was planned to deploy 555 policemen in the center of Brasilia, a routine device, but the videos of the day of the attacks suggest that there were less than 150 agents.

Public buildings were protected by simple fencesalthough the security protocol advises putting up double fences on days of demonstrations, and its surveillance was in charge of Police Academy cadets.

The report also indicated that the police officers who were monitoring the demonstration seized blunt objects and masks from the Bolsonaristas, which “anticipated a violent action,” but the security device was not reinforced. According to Cappelli, the conduct of the police officers deployed the day of the attacks will be investigated, since there are images of some of them fraternizing with the attackers.

Cappelli stressed that there was an “organized, professional action” by the assailants, who even they communicated by radiocoordinating to tear down the fences before the assault.

Bolsonaro is on the investigated list

According to the conclusions of the report, these attacks were “planned” in the camp set up by the ultra-rightists in front of the Army headquarters, where some 4,000 people congregated before the assault. Around 1,800 people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the attacks.

the supreme court has included Bolsonaro on the list of those investigated to clarify whether he instigated his followers to perpetrate the attacks that sought to overthrow the President Lulawho assumed power on January 1, a week before the assault.

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