The government is going to make a big change in the rules for getting a driving license

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Driving License: The government is going to make a big change in the rules of driving license. The government has developed these rules from the month of January. There will be major changes in the rules of Delhi and other states in driving license this year i.e. in 2023. If you do not have a license then be ready to get your license made. Due to the new driving license rules 2023, the process of getting a new license will become very easy. The process of getting the license is as per the new rules of the government. Let us know about it in detail.

driving license new rules

Even at this time, driving tests in Delhi and other states are done through manual track arrows, but now automatic driving test track can be arranged. Let us tell you that it can be difficult to pass the driving test on an automatic track as compared to a manual one. This is because CCTV cameras and sensors are used in the automatic driving test. However, there are many advantages to having an automatic driving test. Let us tell you about those benefits.

get rid of corruption

Most of us are not aware that the Automatic Driving Test Track was started in Delhi about five years ago so that whoever comes for the driving test can be tested in a fair manner. Its main objective is also to completely eliminate corruption in Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). Every process of automatic driving license test is done online, in such a situation there is no question of corruption. Along with this, appointments for tests are also available online.

there will be reduction in road accidents

After the introduction of the automatic testing track, there will be no scope for any kind of intervention. If a person needs a driving license, then for that he has to pass the entire exam correctly. The advantage of this will be that the accidents on the roads will be less.

In manual test, the person taking the test has no idea where he/she has made mistakes, but in automatic, if he/she does not pass in the first attempt, he/she can see the mistakes made in the automatic track. . Due to the sensors installed on the tracks and the CCTV cameras, the test givers will be able to check 24 parameters.

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