The Government breastfeeds the budget agreement with the PSC and urges Junts to join

The Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrahas been the person in charge designated by the Government to value the budget agreement reached with the PSC and that the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonesand the leader of the Catalan socialists, Salvador IllaThey will sign this afternoon at half past four. Vilagrà has led the negotiating delegation of the Catalan Executive and has celebrated the agreement: “From the Govern We have worked hard to make the budgets possible. It is what the citizens asked of us.”

vilagra has also announced that a Extraordinary Council this Thursday at 10:00 to approve the budget project and immediately start the parliamentary process, already with the guaranteed absolute majority that they contribute ERC, PSC and En Comú Podem –with whom there was already a prior agreement-. “It is time to start executing these budgets”, explained Vilagrà. The Minister has emphasized that They are “expansive” accounts and which include, as he has said, almost 4,000 million euros more than last year. Money that, according to him, should be used to “intensify the transformation” of Catalonia. Vilagrà has detailed some of the main games.

Regarding the points that had hitherto stuck the agreement with PSCERC recognizes that it has had to accept an infrastructure that it does not share as the highway B-40, but in the case of the airport a consensus drafting has been achieved. Vilagrà explained that “we have the same objective as the PSC of having a first class airport. How will we do it? Many elements refer to management and we want to participate”.

About the together reviews by the agreement with the PSC that, they assure, breaks 52% pro-independenceVilagrà has affirmed that this majority continues to exist: “The idea of ​​voting to resolve the political conflict is still valid. We must obtain amnesty so that the repression does not continue. That is what the pro-independence majority“, remarked the Minister of the Presidency, who wanted to underline the”huge differences” with the PSC regarding the country model.

“We have very different positions and we continue to defend that only by giving the citizens a voice will we resolve the conflict,” Vilagrà indicated. Like Salvador Illathe councilor has circumscribed the agreement to a budget pact and in no case of legislature. For Vilagrà, what is important is the approval of budgets that he considers “essential” to improve people’s living conditions and face the challenges they face Catalonia. In this sense, the representative of the Government has asked together to join the budget agreement: “There is still time,” he assured.

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