The Government authorized the first delivery of a warship to Saudi Arabia in full bombardment against Yemen

Mystery revealed. After a long secrecy, the Government has announced in a report that the authorization for the first delivery of one of the five warships built byr Navantia for Saudi Arabia it occurred on March 28 of this year, against a terrifying backdrop: in the weeks leading up to it, the Salman bin Abdulaziz It had intensified the bombardments against Yemen.

The Al-Jubail corvette was handed over three days later to the Saudi authorities as part of a ceremony held at the Saudi shipyard. San Fernando (Cadiz). In that act, representatives of the regime affirmed that this warship would contribute to “raise the level of preparation” of the Royal Saudi Navy “to enhance maritime security in the region and protect the vital and strategic interests of the Kingdom.”

The ship is equipped with the necessary technology to carry out “both the tasks of a warship (anti-aircraft warfare, anti-surface warfareanti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare, asymmetric warfare, mine warfare, and air control)” as “peacetime operations,” according to data from Navantia.

The delivery of that first corvette was part of a larger program that included the construction of four other ships with identical characteristics for the Navy of that country. A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Saudi Arabia has just ordered another five ships from Navantiawhich will allow you to further increase your military capabilities.

As revealed by the Government in the report of the Interministerial Board for Trade and Control of Defense Material and Dual-Use Technologies (JIMMDU) on exports registered in the first half of 2022, the authorization for the delivery of that corvette was signed on 28th March.

missiles over yemen

The granting of this permit was preceded by a series of extremely serious events on Yemeni territory. On January 21, a detention center in the town of Sa’dah was shelled by Saudi troops, killing at least 82 people and injuring 266 others, according to Doctors without borders. This escalation of violence followed the Houthi attacks on Abu Dhabi, in which three civilians were reportedly killed.

In addition, an airstrike targeted a telecommunications building in Hodeida and caused a nationwide internet blackout until Monday, January 24, preventing its inhabitants “from contacting friends and family. This has limited the possibility for people to access information and share it, and to report on the situation from the ground,” he said at the time Amnesty International (AI) it’s a statement.

The human rights organization warned of these events and called on all parties to “refrain from carrying out indiscriminate attacks and ensure that there are no civilian casualties and that damage to homes, facilities and civil infrastructures. “Deliberate attacks against civilians and wanton destruction of property are war crimes,” she warned.

The attacks had increased from October 2021, after the dissolution of the UN Group of Eminent Experts who was monitoring the situation in Yemeni territory. According to data from the organization Yemen Data Projectsince then “there have been at least 200 airstrikes every month, with a peak of 400 last January.”


The Spanish Government repeatedly refused to give an account of the reports on which the JIMMDU relied to authorize the construction and delivery of the warships to saudi arabiawhose regime also imposed a naval blockade against Yemen that contributed decisively to aggravate the humanitarian situation.

The Executive refused to give this information with the Law of Official Secrets of the Franco dictatorship in one hand and a decree of the Government of Felipe González – through which he declared the JIMMDU minutes secret – in the other.

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