The Government appreciates that Social Security attends to citizens in the afternoons

José Luis Escrivá, Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, announced this Wednesday in Congress that the Government is studying the possibility of also extend the Social Security services to the afternoonsalthough it has not detailed whether this attention will be face-to-face or remote: “We are exploring it”has commented.

The PP has denounced through an urgent interpellation to the minister the “deficiencies” and “difficulty” to carry out certain procedures. “Social Security has collapsed,” denounced the deputy Elvira Rodríguez in the interpellation. The PP deputy ironized the matter, saying that “it is more difficult to get an appointment than for the Prime Minister to tell the truth.”

The PP deputy has referred to the customer service law, specifically the obligation to respond to 95% of queries, complaints, claims and incidents in less than three minutes and the resolution of the claim resolution time to a maximum of 15 days. “Why don’t they apply this in the Administration,” Rodríguez asked.

As Escrivá explained in the halls of Congress, there are currently some provincial Social Security offices that are answering queries by telephone. “There is no administration that attends in the afternoon. I would like to be able to reach an agreement with the social agents in this regard, I don’t know if it will be possible,” Escrivá said.

In another vein, the minister has denied that there is a “collapse” of Social Security as suggested by the PP, and has said that the body is deploying some measures to streamline its services. One of them is that some provincial offices, especially those with smaller populations, are assuming procedures and files from other larger cities, something that is “working reasonably well.”

Other initiatives undertaken within the public administration is the implementation of new technologies and the use of video calls in an experimental way. “We are testing many things and we are gradually seeing the results”, commented the minister, who nevertheless emphasized the need to reinforce the squads.

The minister has remarked that if there is an institution that “must be put on a pedestal” it is Social Security, which during the pandemic, Escrivá has indicated, made it possible to maintain the Welfare State and protect the fabric of workers and companies in the country .

All of this taking into account, the minister has stressed, that the organization has lost between a quarter and a fifth of its staff in recent years. In this context, Escrivá has emphasized that “it is fair” to praise the institution for its officials, who in the minister’s opinion have been “self-sacrificing” for years when seeing a continuous reduction in the number of positions in the administration. The minister has indicated that between 2012 and 2018 1,500 cumulative places were created, while from 2019 until now 5,000 places have been created.

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