The Government admits that a chip factory in Spain is “not easy” despite the PERTE

The Government has “doubled” the conversations with companies for the installation of a microchip factory in Spain, a bet that is part of the PERTE Chips, whose first calls will come out before the summer and that “is not easy”.

The race for an “open chip” for the supercomputer that Spain has in a chapel in Barcelona


The Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures, María González Veracruz, has referred in an interview with EFE to the PERTE of Microelectronics and Semiconductors, which contemplates more than 12,000 million euros of public investment until 2027 and for which this year there are budgets 1,250 million euros, 450 million in grants and the rest in credits.

If half a year ago his predecessor Roberto Sánchez affirmed that contacts had been maintained with half a dozen companies for the installation of a chip factory in Spain, González Veracruz has affirmed that “it has been possible to duplicate” these conversations, but “above all, intensify the previous”. It is a bet that “is not easy”, but in which they are “absolutely invested” from the Presidency, to the First Vice Presidency, the high commissioner for PERTE Chip, Jaime Martorell, as well as the Secretary of State. Veracruz hopes that this initiative will bear fruit in “decisions”, whether they are “big or small”.

Without wanting to venture deadlines, he has stated that he will go “step by step”, with the idea of ​​trying to distribute the largest possible budget “as soon as possible” (of the 1,250 million planned for this year), with the idea that in the end of the year is executed in its entirety. “We are committed to not losing a euro from the Recovery Plan.” “We will go step by step but they will come out,” he has settled.

Now, they are “immersed” in the design of these first calls, for which they have a budget for the first time and for which there is great expectation. He did not want to detail which projects these calls will address, although he has stated that the idea is to “become strong in design and promoting talent”.

The Government approved the PERTE for microelectronics and semiconductors in May 2022 to place Spain in a benchmark country in the design and manufacture of chips with the idea of ​​undertaking a public investment of 12,250 million until 2027.

A step forward in the debate about who pays for the network

The Secretary of State for Telecommunications has made these demonstrations within the framework of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​in the Spanish Pavilion, where the telcos have once again highlighted the need for large technology companies that cause huge amounts of data on the network are also covered by these infrastructures.

After the European Commission has launched a public consultation on the matter, González Veracruz has affirmed that it is necessary to “take a step forward” and make a decision. The Government is aligned with the EC in a debate that “has been in the environment for years” and on what decisions must be made within the European framework and by consensus. He has not revealed the model that Spain defends, “this is not the time”, since it is in the consultation phase. When the European Commission opens a process of legislative proposal, it will be when the countries will detail it and take a step forward“.

In line with what the Minister for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, has defended, she has stated that it is intended that during the Spanish presidency of the EU a boost can be given to the debate and the future decision.

Decisions on the list of suppliers in the internal sphere

Regarding the list of high-risk providers, which is part of the 5G cybersecurity law, he has assured that technical information is being collected and that in this matter it is necessary to be “prudent and calm”. “The decisions are in the internal sphere”, she has affirmed.

Having said that, he added that the dialogue with the telco sector is constant, and he pointed out that the operators have already been asked for information to carry out the first jobs on this list within the National Security Scheme.

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