‘The Gospel’: Israel’s AI to choose targets in Gaza in which “emphasis is on quantity and not quality”

Israel uses artificial intelligence to detect targets in Palestine, according to what they have published Guardian and +972 Magazine. The technology known as Gospel is a “mass murder factory” in which “the emphasis is on quantity and not quality,” according to various sources.

The tool went live in 2021 and immediately capacity doubled of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to go from locating about 50 targets a day to 100. Specifically, in the 35 days after the Hamas attack, Israel attacked more than 15,000 targets in Gaza. In the 2014 conflict, which lasted 51 days, the IDF attacked between 5,000 and 6,000 targets.

Experts point out that Gospel analyzes large sets of information from a variety of sources, such as drone footage, intercepted communications, surveillance data, and information gleaned from monitoring the movements and behavioral patterns of individuals and large groups.

In this way, according to Israeli sources, artificial intelligence solved a frequent problem for the IDF: Find targets to attack.

A score for the possible number of civilians killed

The AI ​​analyzes the objectives and establishes a “scoring” system by the number of civilians who could die in the attack. According to Israeli sources, Gospel tries, “as far as possible, to ensure that no harm is caused to uninvolved civilians.”

However, various experts in this technology have been skeptical of this statement, considering that itthere is “little empirical evidence” that sustains it. The images of destruction in Gaza and the more than 15,000 people killed in Gaza do not corroborate that “precise and limited force” is being exercised.

The article published by Guardian collects testimonies that assure that in each attack carried out by Israel, They knew the estimate of the number of civilians who were going to die. In his statements to this media, a former IDF worker stated that there were times when “there were doubts about a target” and “we killed what I thought was a disproportionate number of civilians.”

In summary, Gospel had allowed the IDF running a “mass murder factory” in which “the emphasis is on quantity and not quality”, points out another former member.

The AI ​​indicates the objectives after collecting all the information and the commanders, some of whom are “more willing to shoot than others”, They choose which attacks to carry out.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are cornered in the southern end of the Strip, after fleeing from the north due to Israeli attacks, which have already killed more than 15,000 people. Added to them are 41,316 injured, more than 7,000 missing, and 1.8 million displaced, 80% of the total population.

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