The German Finance Minister declares himself willing to continue as leader of the Liberals

BERLIN, Dec 18 (DPA / EP) –

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner aspires to a new term as leader of the Liberal Party (FDP), one of the three formations that make up the coalition government that Germany has led since the beginning of December.

“I was elected until 2023. If the party wishes, I will run for another term,” Lindner told the Funke group newspapers. Lindner has headed the FDP since late 2013.

The German “stoplight” government, headed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, is named after the colors that identify the three parties in the coalition: red for the Social Democrats, yellow for the Liberals and green for the environmentalists.

On the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in Germany, Lindner stressed that social life must be linked in the best possible way to the measures necessary to protect health: “We are aware that the pandemic confronts us with situations to which we must react “.

The liberal leader added that the new German government would make decisions in future circumstances in close consultation with the Council of Experts.

According to him, the aim of the policy should be to avoid the need for emergency measures such as company closings, lockdowns and school closings across the country.

Lindner has announced that “the State continues to be able to act and will continue to cover all expenses derived from the pandemic during the next year.”

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