The Generalitat proposes a decentralization of the State with Ports in Valencia and part of the Senate in Barcelona

Puig proposes relocating the electoral debates


The Generalitat has presented a proposal for the relocation of State institutions that would take Puertos del Estado to Valencia; part of the Senate to Barcelona; the headquarters of the Constitutional Court in Cádiz; the Supreme to Castilla y León and the Court of Accounts to Aragón.

These are some of the points of the report ‘Polyphonic Spain: For a mesh-shaped country’ prepared by the Prospect chair that was presented at the Polyphonic and Decentralized Spain seminar: A Mesh-shaped Country, in which the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the Minister of Universities, Joan Subirats.

The Valencian deconcentration proposal would take part of the Senate to Barcelona, ​​the Constitutional headquarters to Cádiz, the Supreme Court to Castilla y León, the Court of Accounts to Aragón, the Council of State to Castilla-la Mancha; the autonomous body of National Parks in Extremadura.

Puertos del Estado would move to Valencia; the Oceanographic Institute to Galicia; the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products in Catalonia and the State Research Agency in Euskadi. Likewise, a Museum-Network of El Prado and Reina Sofía would be created, with offices in Murcia, Cantabria and Andalusia.


During his speech, Puig has also proposed “relocating” the electoral debates during his speech. “What is decided in Madrid affects beyond Madrid,” Puig pointed out in his speech. For the president, this is an “uncomfortable debate” since “it seems as if something is going to be taken from someone”, when he, in his opinion, is supposed to respond to “real Spain as a whole”.

The president has defended the need to “relocate symbolic elements”. “The state has to be everywhere”, she remarked and asked herself “why does the National Holiday have to be celebrated only in Madrid?”, she wondered and added that “to sew, you have to be present in the territory”.

Specifically, the president has pointed out the need to create a “criteria guide” to make relocation effective, also within each autonomous community, as the Generalitat is already carrying out with an “unprecedented” process that includes initiatives such as locating the headquarters of the Ministry of Innovation in Alicante; the Antidespoblament Agency, in Castelló de la Plana; the Valencian Territorial Agency, in Elche, or the Railway Protection Agency, in Torrent.

On the other hand, it considers it necessary to incorporate social agents and citizens into a “multilevel governance” system, such as is carried out in the Valencian Community, the result of which has been the Alcem-nos pact, with social agents, or the plan Vega Renhace, where there is citizen participation in decisions.


The president has called for a “new generation” of territorial pacts to “advance faster” in the commitment to “Spain of Spains” and face the five existing territorial challenges, which, as he has detailed, consist of advancing towards a co-governed Spain, without independence or exclusive nationalism; overcome the macrocephalic Spain of “inefficient” centralism; achieve the equitable Spain of fair financing and fiscal harmony; attend to the invisible Spain, and “oxygenate” the depopulated Spain.

In this regard, he has valued the initiatives of the Government of Spain to face these challenges, such as multilevel governance that has advanced in the pandemic; the ‘de facto’ improvement of financing, despite the inalienability of its reform; the opening of organizations outside of Madrid, such as the Tourist Platform in Benidorm; the impulse to the Mediterranean Corridor, or the territorial vision of the PERTE.

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