The Generalitat approves the decree to protect schools from the application of the sentence of 25% of Spanish

The Government has approved the decree that shields the centers and their directorates from the sentence of 25% of Castilian in schools. This is a decree that establishes that Educació assumes full responsibility for the linguistic projects of each school, which the Government itself will review and validate. “The decree responds to the sentence and overcomes a senseless judicialization,” said the spokeswoman for the Government, Patrícia Plaja. This Tuesday ends the term that the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) gave the Generalitat to enforce the judicial decision.

The objective of the Government is to give “legal coverage” to the centers and also to the management team in the face of the actions that the court may take

The decree, approved in an extraordinary Executive Council with this single item on the agenda, avoids percentages and establishes “a new regulatory framework” Regarding the criteria and limits of the Catalan school model, Plaja has specified. The objective of the Government is to give “legal coverage” to the centers and also to the management team before the actions that the court may undertake. “Education assumes all responsibility for the legality of the linguistic project of each center,” Plaja reiterated.

Education assumes all responsibility

The measure will be published in the DOGC in the next few hours and starting this Tuesday, when the deadline set by the TSJC expires, all centers will receive “clear instructions” on the steps to follow. Most already have projects, which they will have to review and modify if necessary, and Educació will have to validate them within 30 days.

Plaja has stated that in the next six months all the centers should have their projects approved, and has stated that it will be “simple and agile” processes so as not to give more workload to an educational community stressed by other issues with the Government, such as the change in the school calendar, job demands or curriculum changes.

The objective of this modification of the regulatory framework is that “ideological persecution does not affect the proper functioning of education or condition the model of the Catalan school”, but Plaja has recalled that the reality of the centers is not “homogeneous” and therefore the application of a “monolithic regulation” is impossible.

The spokesperson explained that the decree “gives way out of the impasse” in which the Government has been immersed in recent weeks with the political response to the sentence.

Agreement between ERC, JxCat, PSC and the Comuns

Last week, ERC, JxCat, PSC and the Comuns reached an agreement ‘in extremis’ in Parliament to carry out a new law that is complemented by the decree approved this Monday by the Government and which must also be put to a vote. The law establishes that Catalan is the vehicular and learning language of the education system and that of normal use in the reception of newly arrived students. It also includes that Spanish will be used in the terms established by the linguistic projects of each center, and that it will be the curricular language.

The groups had to reach a new agreement after JxCat will take off from the first, which established modifications in the Language Policy Law. Although it should have been voted on last week after being processed with a single reading, in the end it was not like that and it is still standing in the Council of Statutory Guarantees, which must issue an opinion this week.

The Government’s strategy was based, beyond the appeals filed, on these two aspects: on the one hand, andl promotion of legislative changes -first with the modification of the Language Policy Law and later, with the processing of a new law- and on the other, shield the centers and addresses future court retaliation.


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