The Franco supporters of Plaza de Oriente boast of the act of apology for 20N and prepare another defiant rally

In the most Francoist basement in the country there is a desire to party. between photos of John Paul IIbusts of Franco and posters from the eighties, the Spanish Catholic Movement (a party that claims the dictatorship and that appears as a legal party in the registry of the Ministry of Interior) is recovering from the hangover of the act of exaltation of 20N with a new challenge in sight: on December 4, its militants will set out for the cemetery of Mingorubio.

Before this new meeting, the Francoists led by jose louis corral They have decided to put it on a platter to the Government, which had begun the pertinent steps to gather “videos, statements and evidence that can prove the exaltation of the dictatorship and those responsible for those behaviors contrary to the Democratic Memory Law” in the framework of the acts of this 20N, the first to be held after the entry into force of this new regulation.

A few days after that event, the Spanish Catholic Movement (MCE) has released up to 55 photos of the act of Francoist paraphernalia held in Plaza de Oriente and that, as the Government assured at the beginning of this week, it will be subject to disciplinary proceedings under the new memory law, which persecutes those acts that “incite personal or collective exaltation, military uprising, war or of the dictatorship” and involve humiliation towards the victims of Francoism.

While waiting for these files, Corral has decided to publish on the blog of his political party not only the photos that They credit Franco’s apologybut also the videos of the speeches delivered there.

During the intervention of this Francoist leader (responsible for the legalization of the rally before the Government Delegation of Madridwho consented to its celebration) there were repeated justifications for the crimes committed by the dictatorship.

“Those who are now victims withdrew killing”

“They began to kill long before. It cannot be said that there were crimes because the war began. There was war because the crimes beganfires, and religious persecution,” Corral said. “How can they not hate the only general who has defeated communism in an open war and who was called Francisco Franco,” he later said, to shouts from the public in favor of the dictator.

“Those who are now victims withdrew killing,” he said at another point in his speech. “To communism, satanic, diabolic, luciferian, the most powerful armies in the world could not defeat him. Not even Germany from 1939 to 1945, which was a very powerful army (…) Nobody, only Generalissimo Franco. That’s why they hate him with all his evil. That’s why they hate us too,” he shot.

One of the images released by the Spanish Catholic Movement of the act of apology for Franco held on November 20 in Plaza de Oriente (Madrid). SPANISH CATHOLIC MOVEMENT

The Francoists led by Corral will once again exalt the dictatorship on December 4 in the dictator’s pantheon in Mingorubio, new place of pilgrimage for the defenders of the regime. As has happened on previous occasions, they will gather there to honor the dictatorship and exalt its symbols coinciding with the birth of Franco.

The truth is that the MCE is used to organizing this type of event. So far this year, this organization has held a dozen public acts in support of Franco, in several cases with the approval of the Government Delegation of Madrid.

According to the leader of that group, during the rally in Plaza de Oriente he was approached by agents of the Madrid Municipal Police “Warning that they would inform the court for the display of the flags, although they were told that the new law says nothing about this issue of flags and that the shield is the one that appears on the Magna Edition of the Constitution“.

“genocidal” government

In the act of 20N that the Government is now studying to establish possible sanctions, there were also insults of all kinds against the Moncloa. Corral described the coalition Executive as a “psychopathic government of Marxist criminals, allied with separatist terrorists, enemies of Spain.” (A) kleptomaniac government, genocidal with abortion and euthanasia. This government is guilty, as Russia was guilty in 1941,” he proclaimed.

The MCE has also released images of the speech of Jose Maria Permuyanother veteran far-right activist, who appeared with the Democratic Memory Law in hand.

“Do not be afraid, we are here because we want to honor our characters, the characters in our history who have defended Catholic Spain, who have defended the unity of Spain, who have defended a Spain without political partieswithout separatism, without class struggle”.

In his speech there were also threats to the Government. “What they fear is that we could infect the Spanish people with the need not to claim the uprising of 1936, but to lead today a rebellion against the government, against socialism, against communism, against separatism, against Freemasonry, against the 2030 agenda of the new world order,” he said, while encouraging his followers to embark on that crusade “starting now.”

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