The former manager of Imelsa denies his confessions and says that he was pressured to accuse politicians and businessmen

The former manager of the Valencia Provincial Council company Imelsa and self-styled “money junkie”, Mark Benavent, has assured in his statement before the judge that he lied during the interrogations and that he manipulated the recordings that gave rise to the Imelsa case. Benavent has collaborated with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office practically throughout the investigation, but has changed his version after changing lawyers.

Benavent declared this Wednesday as prosecuted in the second session of the first open trial for alleged prevarication, embezzlement of public funds, falsity in a commercial documenthiring fraud and money laundering in Imelsa.

The case for which he is prosecuted began with the recordings that Benavent himself made and that his former father-in-law handed over to Justice in 2014.

“I want to apologize to so many people whom I hurt with my statements, they were in circumstances manipulated by me, in collusion with my former defense attorney and the Prosecutor’s Office, because I was promised substantial sentence reductions and not to go to prison“, Benavent assured during his statement, according to Efe.

Benavent assures that he agreed to collaborate so as not to go to prison and that “from there he made a script with his ex-lawyer”

According to his current account, before testifying before the judge for the first time, they already asked him to “collaborate” with the Justice to “have substantial reductions in sentences, up to two degrees” and they promised him “that he would not go to prison.” “I accepted immediately, and from there a script is made of all that collaboration with my former lawyer,” he assured.

“It was to answer yes to everything, ‘say yes to everything, the goal is to harm as many people as possible, parties, companies, entrepreneurs, the bigger this is, the better for everyone,’ they told me,” added Benavent.

“Many times, when going to declare to the Civil Guard there was already a predetermined script, I had to answer yes to everything. I just wanted to finish soon and go home,” he insisted.

Benavent came to accuse Mariano Rajoy of “being aware” of the corrupt plot of Imelsa and also stated before the media that the use of B boxes was common in the Valencian PP.

“I have received pressure of all kinds”

He has also stated that the search of his former lawyer’s office “was illegal”. In that office, the so-called ‘Syrian papers’ were found, which support the legal case against the former president of the Generalitat Valenciana and former minister Eduardo Zaplana.

In fact, Benavent has referred to the Erial case that affects Zaplana: “I remember when they summoned me to testify after Zaplana’s arrest. I had not slept all night, I was not in a position to declare anything. I have received pressure of that type One after another for six years, I had to say yes to everything, I felt compelled to testify, so to speak.”


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