The former counselor Vallejo asks for a pardon in the ERE case because he did not get rich

The family of the former Minister of Innovation, Science and Business of the Junta de Andalucía Francisco Vallejo has asked the Government for a partial pardon on his sentence of seven years in prison in the case of the ERE because he did not get rich and alleging the “honesty and personal integrity” of the former counselor. They have also argued the existence of the two private votes against the three in favor of the Supreme Court ruling and the excessive duration of the procedure.

Vallejo’s relatives have addressed a letter to the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llopin which they request a partial pardon for the former director, who has also been sentenced to 18 years of disqualification for prevarication in medial competition with a crime of embezzlement.

He is the second person convicted of this process to request a pardon from the Government, after they did so on September 1 the wife and children of the former president of the Andalusian Junta José Antonio Griñánsentenced to six years in prison, for reasons of “humanity and equity”.

Vallejo’s family emphasize that in the two private votes against the sentence against the three convicted refers to a ruling that “suffers from a significant argumentative deficit” and that it is “a risky leap into the void”.

The relatives of the former counselor, in addition, allude to the principle of “in dubio pro reo” (the need to be certain of the guilt of a defendant for his sentence) because “it is disturbing and of course of great concern that such a transcendental decision can agree with such a small majority” in the Supreme.

They have also recalled that the acts condemned dating back more than 13 years, something that supposes that “a delayed Justice is not Justice”. The pardon petition also highlights that the former counselor did not enrich himself in this case.

“There has been no personal gain, or family, or his relatives, or acquaintances,” allege the relatives who they emphasize the “powerful humanitarian, material justice and equity reasons” to grant pardon to the former counselor.

According to the Supreme Court, Vallejo and the rest of the former senior officials convicted of the crime of embezzlement “were aware of the irregularities that were taking place in the management of funds and enabled by default to continue reproducing the illicit procedure”.


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