The former CEO of Waze intends to recover the best of social networks with Post

new social network -POST

MADRID, November 21 (Portaltic/EP) –

The acquisition of Twitter by the magnate Elon Musk has encouraged the flight of some users to other platforms that could offer something similar, being post the latest to join the list, the work of former Waze CEO Noam Bardin.

Mastodon has been pitching itself for years as an alternative to Twitter, albeit with a decentralized, open source, and server-based approach. Post, however, offers the return of civilized conversation for “real people, real news.”

The social network in which Bardin works, still under development, allows access to it through a waiting list. It’s not yet fully functional and buggy, but the teams behind Post are relying on user input to “build a more friendly and interesting place that represents the best of ourselves”, as collected on the main Post website.

To do this, it offers the possibility of write unlimited length texts and react to them with actions typical of social networks: commentgive ‘Like’ and share, in a “clean” interface, in vertical format, headed by the profile, where you can add a background image, another profile image, a description and links to accounts from other platforms.

Post encourages purchasing “individual articles from different premium news providers”, read content from “multiple sources” in one placehelp creators by micropayments and debate “with friends, strangers, experts, and leaders.”

The new social network defends freedom of expression and debate of ideas, and rejects government censorship and extremism. Therefore, it will have content moderation rules. The aim is to create a social network that has the best of what these types of platforms have offered before: fun and great ideas, instead of wasted time, threats and insults.

Along these lines, Bardin assures that he will not admit “Nazis, anti-Semites, fanatics, racists, homophobes, misogynists.” for whom he assures that “there are enough platforms”, as he has shared in his Twitter profile.

And he has pointed out, regarding the waiting list, that it is he who is in charge of deciding who can be part of the social network. “My logic is to balance the date people signed up, what they shared about themselves, content creators and content consumers, diversity of age, politics, profession, gender, race, sexual orientation, sense of humor , etc.”.

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