The First Conference of Bosniak Political Representatives of the Balkans was held in Skopje

Organized by the Bosniak Democratic Alliance (BDS) in North Macedonia, the First Conference of Bosniak Political Representatives of the Balkans was organized in Skopje on Sunday on the topic “Bosniaks as a factor of stability and reconciliation among the Balkan nations”, reports Anadolia.

The conference discussed the position and role of Bosniaks in the states of the region and in current regional, European and global political processes, as well as the challenges faced by Bosniaks.

The president of BDS, Munir Kolašinac, stated that as the organizers of this event and as a Bosniak political party, they consider it extremely important to work on uniting and creating partnership relations with other Bosniak political entities in the countries of the region.

“That is why we are here today, in Skopje, as the Bosniak Democratic Union, but also a large number of representatives of political parties from the countries of the region – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, to get acquainted with our work, activities, ideas, problems, but also challenges in order to establish joint cooperation at the regional level that would be useful for all Bosniaks, but also for all other peoples in the Balkan region,” said Kolašinac.

The president of the New Democratic Party of Kosovo and Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Emilija Redžepi also participated in the conference. She assessed that holding this conference is important in the context of connecting all peoples in the region.

“We are a nation of peace, a nation of dignity, a nation of tolerance, a nation that can be a bridge connecting all nations in the Balkans,” Redžepi pointed out.

Šemsudin Mehmedović, deputy of the Democratic Action Party (SDA) in the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, said that it is important for Bosniaks to have a unified approach to certain political issues, but also to connect with each other.

“It is very important that there are political representatives whose voice will be heard, even in North Macedonia. We estimate that the most endangered people in Europe are the Bosniaks at the moment. Regardless of all that, we will not surrender, but we will make it very clear and loud to all those who have large-state hegemonic projects in the Balkans to say that we will strongly oppose it and that the Bosniaks will also have an answer to all the challenges that will come before us,” Mehmedović pointed out.

The media were also addressed by Ervin Ibrahimović, Vice-President of the Government of Montenegro and Minister for Capital Investments, who spoke as a representative of the Bosniak Party (BS) from Montenegro, Usame Zukorlić, Vice-President of the Assembly of Serbia and MP from the Justice and Reconciliation Party (SPP) from of Serbia, as well as Enis Imamović, a member of the Serbian Parliament from the SDA Sandžak.

They emphasized that for the first time in recent history, they gathered representatives of Bosniak political parties in one place, with the aim of consolidating Bosniak political forces in the Balkans and uniting them in the interest of common vital interests and contribution to the stability of the Balkans.

Ibrahimović later reminded on Twitter that Bosniaks live in all the states created on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of those states, are absolutely dedicated to peace, coexistence and prosperity and as such are a bridge connecting states, peoples, religions and cultures in the Western Balkans and in Europe.

“We agreed that it is very important that Bosniaks from the countries of former Yugoslavia cooperate in order to better understand and influence political processes, and to that end we reached an agreement on the formation of the Forum of Bosniak Politicians as a form of cooperation in the coming period. Bosniaks are an old European people with a clear commitment that the countries in which they live should in the foreseeable future be part of NATO and the EU, which, in addition to advocating for the rule of law, equality and overall social prosperity, will be the focus of the political activities of Bosniak politicians,” Ibrahimović wrote.

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