The first beta of Android 13 for Pixel phones is now available

MADRID, 27 Apr. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google has published the first beta of android 13in such a way that it is now available for developers but also for users of a Pixel phone who want to access the new features of this operating system before its official launch, such as the new permissions to access multimedia files or thematic icons.

Android 13 will improve privacy and security features, with tools like permission for notifications; will have support for larger screensand will allow the icons to be adapted to certain themes within the Material You language.

These are novelties that until now have been in the hands of developers, so that they could test the improvements and new functions that Android 13 will incorporate. In a new phase of the development cycle, the company has announced the launch of the first beta .

With this launch, the company hopes that Pixel phone users compatible want to join this testing program, to share your impressionsas reported by the company in a statement.

Other innovations included are the theme iconsthe location the quick configuration settings, the language preferences for each applicationcapabilities like Bluetooth LE audio and MIDI 2.0 over USB, as well as new permissions for more granular access to media files and an improved audio routing API.

The rest of the implementations will be known within the framework of the annual congress Google I/O 2022, on May 11 and 12which the company dedicates to the novelties of its services, ‘software’ and even some presentation of ‘hardware’.

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