The Find N2 and Find N2 Flip folding devices, among OPPO’s technological bets for this 2023

MADRID, Dec. 21 (Portaltic/EP) –

Oppo close the year with many technological proposals what are they calls to mark a new era for the company this 2023. Among them, its folding devices stand out, with its flagship Find N2 and the Find N2 Flipas well as its commitment to innovation and avant-garde thanks to its assisted reality glasses OPPO AirGlass 2.

The manufacturer presented these devices within the framework of the Inno Day 2022, under the motto ‘Powering a better future’. Thus, OPPO bets on smart technology based on entertainment, productivity, health and learningwhile showing his commitment to inclusion and connected experiences smarter with the arrival of the new year.

Among its main technological advances, OPPO underlines the latest models presented from your Find N folding flagship serieswhich is updated with the model in book format Find N2. This device boasts a thinner and lighter design promising a “outstanding” performance with Snapdragon 8 Gen processor 1.

However, what really stands out about this model are the novelties in its screen and design. In its folded format the design is compact and improvedwith a weight of 233 grams, which makes it 42 percent lighter than its predecessor and allows it to achieve the “Industry’s Lightest Horizontal Fold”.

starting with his external screenthe company has expanded the size to a diagonal of 5.54 inches as they have reduced the edges by 47 percent. It has a dashboard AMOLED and the resolution is 1,792 x 1,920 pixels. As for his internal displayascends to a diagonal of 7.1 inches in the open format, with a panel as well AMOLED LTPO.

One aspect to highlight is the second generation hinge ‘Flexion Hinge’, with which OPPO has significantly reduced the fold mark that usually appears in the middle of the screen, reducing the fold by 67 percent. In addition, they ensure greater durability than supports more than 400,000 folds.

Also, this foldable offers multiple functions with the ability to use the two interior screens separately. It also includes the mode ‘FlexForm Space’so that one of the screens is used as if it were a monitor and the other as a keyboard or ‘trackpad’.

As for the photographic scopethe main camera of this equipment has three Hasselblad lenses and OPPO’s MariSilicon X imaging NPU. The main one has 50 megapixels with a Sony IMX890 sensor. Along with it, the camera is completed with another 48-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 32-megapixel telephoto lens.

Another of the strengths of this device is the ability to fast charging with the 4,520 mAh battery, capable of supporting a 67W Super VOOC chargewhich achieves a 37 percent recharge in 10 minutes and 100 percent in around 42 minutes.


OPPO has also joined the clamshell foldable mobile market. Until now, the company had not dared with these models. However, after three years of development will debut with the Find N2 Flip. As the company has indicated, they did not want to offer a device with reduced camera or battery characteristics, but rather wanted to offer an experience “as good or better” than that of a traditional mobile.

This terminal has a outer screen which, in folded mode, reaches a diagonal 3.26 inchstanding between the largest on the market. Their internal screen is 6.8-inch AMOLED and has a resolution of 1,080 x 2,640 pixels.

As in the Find N2 model, another of the most notable features of the Flip is the OPPO’s second generation hinge, which makes the separation practically invisible. As for the camera and the photographic experience is the same as OPPO Find N2, since they share a camera and features without sacrificing anything in this model. The new terminal also incorporates a 4,300mAh battery (with a charging capacity of 44W with cable).

both models include side fingerprint readeras well as facial recognition. Their operating system is ColorOs 13, based on Android 13. The market launch of the Find N2 model will only take place in China for now. However, in the case of the model Find N2 Flip will expand globally in the first quarter of 2023as reported by OPPO.


In addition to mobile devices, OPPO has introduced the upgraded version of the OPPO Air Glass. It is about the new Assisted reality glasses, OPPO Air Glass 2of which the World’s first optical waveguide resin lenses.

The Air Glass 2 have a renewed, light and robust design with a weight of 38 grams, significantly less than the previous model. With these lenses one pursues the personalized vision correction. However, they also include microphones and speakers.

In addition to functioning as a screen, allow you to make phone calls and even translate other languages ​​in real time. Other of its functions are to offer navigation based on the location, as well as to convert the voice into text.


Continuing with its cutting-edge technology, another of OPPO’s bets for 2023 is the development of smart health devicescreating the OHealth brand. This is one more step in its intention to promote health, something that has already started with the OPPO Health Lab.

In this case, OPPO has introduced the OHealth H1, the monitor family health monitor that combines six data monitoring functionssuch as electrocardiogram, heart rate, lung and heart auscultation, blood oxygen level, body temperature and sleep monitoring.

OHealth H1 works through high-precision sensors and health algorithms developed by the Chinese company. It is a lightweight device (weighs 95g) with an oval design and rounded edges. According to OPPO, OHealth H1 “offers better healthcare and convenient smart solutions for users, hospitals and clinics.”

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