The Final Fantasy saga will have “a big announcement” in 2023

MADRID, 3 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

the saga final fantasy kicks off the new year with several releases on its calendar, an early announcement of a new project that isn’t tied to the seventh numbered installment, and new anniversaries to celebrate.

The producer of Final Fantasy VII RebirthYoshinori Kitase, has assured in a publication for the new year that they are working to make 2023 “the most exciting year” to date for the franchise, an intention that he supports with the progress of the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake and the throwing of Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second chapter of the ‘remake’ of Final Fantasy VII, will follow the story of Cloud and his friends already out of midgarembarked on a mission to stop sefirot, that together with Jenova, wants to recover and dominate the planet.

It will also be the year of the release of Final Fantasy XVI, which will come to PlayStation 5 on June 22 and to the rest of the platforms on December 31 of this year. The company last arrived, giving the last touches, as its producer, Naoki Yoshida, has assured.

Yoshida has also recalled that the online multiplayer title Final Fantasy XIV celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2023 and that they will release patch 6.3 “very soon”. while the producer

Theatrhythm Final Bar LineIchiro Hazama, has recalled the arrival of this musical title in mid-February, with 385 tracks (502 with downloadable content) and multiplayer for musical battles, four players online or two players locally.

Apart from these already known installments, Kitase assures that they have prepared another project, “a big announcement not related to FFVII“. And the producer of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Kei Hirono, anticipates the celebration of the tenth anniversary of this mobile title, which faces the eighth year since its launch in 2023.

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