The feminist collective demands that consent continue to be the backbone of the law ‘only yes is yes’

The feminist groups have demanded this Tuesday that the consent “explicit” remains the backbone of the law only yes is yes and try to avoid women having to prove that there has been violence I intimidation.

A proposal to modify the norm that filed and registered the PSOE this Monday in Congress alone, without United We Can, your partner in government. The purple formation fears that this will return to the previous Penal Code. As he People’s Party like Vox have expressed that they would be willing to give their support to the Executive.

This new setback by one of the government partners towards the consent of women has been denounced through a statement – to which he has had access Public– by Feminist Assembly of Madrid and Granada when affirming that it is “vital” because “its non-existence implies the crime of sexual assault”.

In addition, they think that this setback is avoidable since the norm “is the reflection of years of demands of the movement feminist to reach the sexual freedom of women and face the sexual violence“.

This ups and downs that this law is undergoing “should not depend on the game of partisan politics” and they attribute that what the Government should do is protect to women because it is “a matter of State”.

From the collective they think that increasing sentences does not protect women: “What does protect them is the Organic Law of Comprehensive Guarantee of Sexual Freedom 10/2022, known as only yes is yes”. A norm that eliminates the differences that existed in the previous legislation between abuse and sexual assault.

“A measure that, in turn, puts the focus on the aggressor and not on the victim as was the case up to now, in addition to putting the victims at the center with their needs and rhythms, contributing Psychological Support through processes of reparation, compensation, physical and emotional recovery and guarantees of non-repetition for all types of sexual violence,” they point out.

Outrage at Equality

This lonely initiative to modify the law of only yes is yes by the PSOE has provoked “indignation and sadness” in the Ministry of Equality. The presentation early this Monday of this proposition of law has caused the socialists to break off negotiations with the department that runs Irene Montero.

The Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosellregretted this Monday before the media that it is going back “to the old system that has not worked and that we have spent so many years verifying its harmful effects on women, on the number of complaints, on the number of convictions, and the pain caused by the evidence”. Rosell described this movement as “a setback”.

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