The fake Polish Madeleine McCann launches harsh accusations against the Persian medium: “You forced me”

Julia Faustyna comes out of the hole and she doesn’t do it in peace. After the setback of the DNA testswhich ruled out the possibility that it could be Madeleine McCann -the minor who disappeared in the Algarve in 2007-, the young Polish reappears on social networks under the name of Julia Wandelt. The first post on her Instagram account contains screenshots of a conversation of WhatsApp that -according to her- she would have maintained with Fia Johansson, the medium who joined her cause and acted as the girl’s spokesperson and representative.

In her, demands a series of documents that the psychic detective would refuse to return. Since the results of Julia’s genetic analysis were made known, the relationship between the two – which for weeks they were inseparable friendsIt has gone from bad to worse. Knowing the start of the profile, we can already imagine what the rest is like. The young woman comes to accuse the Persian woman of forcing her to sign documents knowing that she did not understand their content.

“The documents that you forced me to sign They are not legal because I told you that I do not understand the language of Law in English and I wanted to speak to a Polish lawyer,” he blurts out in the post. “You forced me”he asserts, “you knew that I wanted to return home and you tried to scare me by saying that if I didn’t sign I would not return to Poland.” “You never wanted to help me”, he says, “you want to make money at the expense of my situation.” “Who are you? Fraud,” she says.

“You tried to use me. Get away from me now”he exclaims. “You told a lot of lies, bad things about me,” she points out. “I trusted you” but “I made a mistake”. Now, he says, he is concerned about all the victims of this Beverly Hills medium. “I’m not going to let you try to destroy me or other vulnerable people like me,” she says. “This is not over”warns him, “I will use my voice to help myself and other people.”

So it seems that we have Julia for a while. With the nickname of Faustyna, Wendell or Wandelt, that doesn’t matter. The dream of the young Polish woman was always to succeed as a singer and some of her publications seem to indicate that she could try again to make it come true, since she assures that music has saved her many times throughout his life, “from a very young age”.

Julia’s (media) story

On February 14, 2023, a young Polish woman jumped into the arena claiming to be the missing Madeleine McCann. The 21-year-old girl decided to start a campaign on social networks to try to find out if she -as she thought- she was the british girl who was kidnapped on May 3, 2007 in Portugal. She was convinced of it and was looking forward to the DNA tests to prove to the world that she was right.

The physical resemblance between the two, as well as some matching body markings and a rare hereditary defect that both have in the right iris, prompted her to seek “the truth”. She opened an Instagram account that surpassed one million followers in just a few days, but this put her in the eye of the hurricane. Criticism rained down on him, the darkest passages of his past came to light and he even -he says- received death threats.

As “an angel” noted then, it came out of nowhere the Persian medium Fia Johansson. For weeks he was her unconditional support and her travel companion. Together they discovered that in the city where Julia Wendell was born there were no no record in your medical record until the age of five old, which made them suspect -more if possible- that the young woman’s family was hiding something. Her mother did not want to collaborate at any time. She refused genetic testing and convinced other relatives not to either.

came to to think that the young woman had been poisoned, or -at least- annulled with the complicity of the psychiatrist who treated her as a result of having suffered sexual abuse in her childhood. Facts that would have caused him post-traumatic amnesia that prevents him from remembering practically nothing about her from the first years of her life. The psychiatrist prescribed “35 pills a day” that he would have been taking “since he was seven years old”, according to his account.

One of the few memories she retains places her “on the beach” with “turtles and children” who try to “catch them with their hands”. Something burned into her mind and that takes her to a specific place where there are “light colored buildings” and lots of “light”. This is how she explained it during an interview on the American chain Channel 7flanked by her inseparable Persian medium and under the watchful eye of the popular presenter Dr Phil.

It was inevitable to think that it could be Praia Da Luz, where little Maddie disappeared and that he is known for the elements that Julia mentioned. His story, his conviction, the coincidences (even related to a suspected pedophile who could be the one who took the British minor) and the gaps in the case, seemed to indicate that there was some possibility that she was the British minor. But DNA tests ruled it out.

Genetic analyzes -carried out by the company 23andMe- left no doubt about Julia’s origins. She is “almost 100 percent Polish”, Fia Johansson announced through her Instagram profile. She just she has a “negligible Lithuanian and Russian influence”. And she has “no connection to British or German roots.” They confirm, therefore, that the origin of the young woman is from Eastern Europe. It’s not Madeleine McCann.

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