The extreme right plunges into a spiral of voting for the US Congress

The ultra-conservative sector of the Republican Party does not give in and leaves the House of Representatives without a president. The Republicans continue immersed in an intense internal battle and, despite having a majority in the House (222 legislators), the most radical members continue to veto kevin mccarthythe Californian who does not convince this sector even after receiving the support of donald trump.

McCarthy harvest already eight losses in the votes that have been taking place since this Tuesday. Something that happens in a system that does not establish a limit on the number of votes, so if the positions do not move and there is an agreement, this situation can continue indefinitely. The 20 congressmen who are cornering the House of Representatives are part of the Freedom Caucus (Freedom Cacus), an ultra-conservative bloc of Republicans whose modus operandi This is not surprising as he tends to take a hard line when it comes to negotiating.

This sector is committed to Byron Donalds, a congresswoman from Florida and one of two black Republicans in the House. This representative, an increasingly prominent figure within the party, defends anti-abortion and pro-gun postulates. However, support for this candidate does not translate so much into a clear commitment to win him, but rather into an act that serves to express their disagreement with McCarthy.

Going for 16 rebel Republicans: McCarthy’s cessions

The Californian Republican needs the support of 16 of the 20 rebel Republicans to be elected speaker of the House and thus obtain the support of the necessary 218 members. But he continues to fail despite the continuous assignments that he has made to the most radical wing.

Among these cessions, there is the possibility that a single member can force a snap vote to remove speaker; enact specific legislation on border policies; or encourage a legislator to raise a vote that could knock down a bill. This is, ultimately, limiting the Chamber’s capacity for political action and granting broad power to a minority.

The situation has reached such a point that one of the congressmen has proposed to the same donald trump to occupy the Presidency. Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida and also a member of the Freedom Caucus, has endorsed the former American president in one of the votes. In the rest, he has opted for Byron Donalds. The paralysis of the House of Representatives means that it cannot carry out its usual functions, such as passing laws or allowing its members to be sworn in. A situation that undermines the capacity of government of the US Congress.

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