The extreme left is already using the alleged assassination attempt to ask for impunity for Cristina

The accusation of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for corruption – for which the Prosecutor’s Office is asking for 12 years in prison and disqualification – has left the left in turmoil. From the very beginning, the mantra of lawfarethat is to say, that there are dark or powerful powers that have the capacity to use the justice of a country or the international courts to annihilate political rivals with judicial processes of legal appearance. A mantra used regularly throughout the world, although its use has multiplied in recent years, especially in Spain and Latin America.

After the accusation, the Kirchnerists made it clear that they were going to fight and the most radical quickly filled the networks of threats against the judges and prosecutors in the case. Even more serious than wielding the lawfare and the threats on social networks were the disturbing advances of the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, who used the Nisman case to threaten the prosecutor: “He committed suicide, I hope that Luciani does not do the same“.

It is clear that it is the left that is behind this agitation, threats and insinuations, which can lead to a civil confrontation, as it has already denounced in esRadio Victoria Villarruel, national deputy for La Libertad Avanza in the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina: “It is good for these that the weather becomes more violent to continue exerting their influence“.

For all these reasons, and for other episodes that we have experienced in Spain, perhaps it would be advisable for the national left to be a little more cautious when expressing its solidarity with Fernández de Kirchner, at least while investigating the true nature of the alleged assassination.

One of the first to manifest has been Paul Echeniqueparliamentary spokesman for Podemos, one of the parties in the government coalition, who has written a broad brush tweet, as is usual with him, directly accusing the judicial, media and political right of targeting Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

It is impossible that the funny episode of the bullets sent to paul churchesFernando Grande Marlaska and the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez and the “bloody” razor to Reyes Maroto —popularized by Federico Jiménez Losantos as the silver razor— when Echenique says that “in Spain we know the modus operandi well”.

Indeed: we are well aware of this modus operandi because it is the one that the left usually uses to stir up electoral campaigns, in this case heating up the Madrid elections on May 4, 2021, as the PP has already denounced, which considered it “indecent” to use the episode of the knife sent by a schizophrenic to shake up 4-M. Once the subterfuge proved useless—Isabel Díaz Ayuso won a landslide victory—the left quickly forgot about the bullets and the silver razor.

The shadow leader of the purple formation, and one of the presumed threatened in the campaign of May 4 in Madrid, paul churcheshas also left his reflection on the social network Twitter, and also alluding to the fact that last night’s attack is a consequence of “the lies and campaigns of personal destruction” that “sow hatred”.

A message that is not surprising coming from Iglesias, who on August 27 met with the accused Fernández de Kirchner to denounce the media as guilty of the accusations of corruption that hang over the head of the Argentine leader, and it was one of the first to show his solidarity and to record his unwavering support.

Along the same lines of blaming those who spread hate, in general and without specifying what or who they are referring to, unless they are the prosecutors behind Kirchner’s accusation, it has been stated Ione BelarraMinister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda.

Finally, Inigo Errejon He has written on Twitter that, although the gun has failed, “it has been loaded by those who have been pointing out and dehumanizing for years, who hate their ideas and the popular affection shown these days.”


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